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Christmas Rope Lighting

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Getting your home and property holiday ready is easy with our Christmas rope lights. Comes with dozens of vibrant LED bulbs, you would not have to worry about holiday decorating ever again. Use it on windows, on the roof, doorways or even to light up the trees in your backyard. Your imagination is the limit.

Our LED rope lights can also be used for more than just Christmas decorating. You can use them to brighten up your garden for outdoor parties. Own a business? Use these on display windows and as vibrant additions inside your store. With its versatility and quality, you would certainly get good value for your money.

What Rope Light should I use?

We cannot tell you how many times these questions have been asked.


This is pretty much the industry standard choice for rope light. Cut-able in 3 ' sections, this type of rope light can be used for pretty much any application. From accenting cabinets and stairs to outlining pathways and gardens to highlighting railings and decks to providing general lighting for patios and gazebos, this rope light is versatile enough to function in almost any capacity. It is UL rated for both indoor and outdoor usage, however, this does not mean that it can used for underwater purposes. This rope light can plug into any standard house outlet and comes in both white as well as multiple colors. Without a rope light controller, the rope light will just illuminate which might be enough for what you need but with a controller, you gain the ability to use lighting effects. 2 wire rope light is dimmable and can statically flash (all on, all off, all on, etc.) with the use of a standard controller.

Now for a little more technical information:

The power draw of 120v 2 wire rope light is 3 watts per foot.

For clear 120v 2 wire rope light, the color temperature is 2000-2400 Kelvin, which is a slightly yellowish, white light. Incandescent Warm White Rope Light

120v 2 wire incandescent rope light is limited to 200 feet in a single run.


12v 2 wire incandescent rope light has most of the same properties as 120v 2 wire incandescent rope light, however, it does require a transformer or a DC power supply (like a car battery or DC power supply system like those found on boat). Also, the runs for 12v rope light is limited to 30 feet in a single run, 24v rope light restricted to 60 feet per run. However, the advantage of this type of rope light is that the power draw is much lower than that of the 120v type of rope light, saving you money on your power bill.


Similar to 120v 2 wire incandescent rope light, 3 wire rope light is superior in one important respect: lighting effects. With a 3 wire controller, 3 wire rope light not only can dim and static flash, it gains the ability to use chasing effects. The ability to create a trail of lights might make all the difference for your project and probably the most popular use for this type of rope light is for use in lighting pathways as it will indicate the direction that people should be traveling.


Rapidly becoming popular with contractors and home owners, LED 2 wire rope light has the highest flexibility of any type of rope light and comes highly recommended for those looking to add rope light to their building. 2 wire LED rope light is almost identical to 120v incandescent rope light in characteristics and application but power consumption and color choice is where LED rope light shines.

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