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Solar Icicle Lights

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Fairy lights and icicles are among the most popular Christmas decorations mostly for their overall stunning look. Solar icicle lights in particular are gaining attention for their combo of gorgeous twinkles and maximum efficiency. Since they're solar powered Christmas lights, you get to enjoy their beauty for longer hours without sacrificing next month's electricity bill. 

Icicle Christmas lights have always been a staple holiday decoration. They are versatile, eco-friendly and easy to set up, perfect for the busy festive season. Plus, if you opt for solar icicle lights, you also get to enjoy the benefits of reducing energy costs and not having to worry about finding the nearest plugs anymore. 

These twinkles can be displayed indoors or outdoors, although they are more often placed in outside spaces of homes. They're the perfect decorative lights to flaunt in the evenings whether draped on your fences or coiled around your outdoor traditional Christmas trees.

Even the shopping experience is easy with solar icicle lights bunnings, icicle lights Kmart, and Lytworx icicle lights everywhere. If you prefer online shopping, you can also get quality solar Christmas lights at Outbax. We even have different kinds of them aside from solar icicle lights, which you can pair together to create the most impressive holiday arrangement!

Why Are LED Solar Icicle Lights Better?

Perhaps the only thing better than solar icicle lights is LED solar icicle lights. The advantages of LED lights are known by many and these perks extend all the way up to decorative Christmas lights. If you haven't switched yours to LED yet, these benefits may just convince you.

Increased safety

LED lights do not heat up as much as incandescent lights. This means less risk of fires and since they stay cool to touch, your little ones are safe from getting burned in case they accidentally touch a bulb. 


With LED solar icicle lights, you won't have to choose between running your solar powered Christmas lights or watching TV with the aircon on. Sure, they have a higher upfront cost but the long-term savings you will get every holiday season is sure to make up for it. They also last for up to 75,000 hours so whether you're going to display outdoor fairy lights or solar candy cane lights, you win in longevity as long as it's LED!


LED icicle solar lights or any LED solar Xmas lights use less energy than any other type of lighting, making them better for the environment. They also use fewer natural resources to reduce pollutants.

Easy storage

Unlike incandescent bulbs that are usually made of glass, LED solar icicle lights are plastic and can be simply wrapped up before storing. Traditional bulbs require way more than this-you have to cover the bulbs one by one and have extra protective layers to make sure they don't crack or get broken. 


There are several types of solar icicle lights such as warm white solar icicle lights, icicle fairy lights, blue icicle solar lights, and more. You can mix and match as much as you'd like and even add in other twinkles like solar rope lights. Also, LEDs fare well in cold weather so you've got nothing to worry about if you live in a cold area.

How Many Solar Icicle Lights Do I Need?

Each type of house varies in size and design which will affect your indoor or solar outdoor Christmas lights setup. The type of icicle lights you will use needs to be considered as well as there are mini bulbs and larger bulbs you can go for. 

If you're wondering how many solar icicle lights you need to buy for the holidays, you have to measure different areas of your home first, including their features. Outdoor icicle lights are mostly placed in front of the house, so you can easily measure out the areas you want to put them on using a laser measuring tool or a tape measure. 

Planning to go all out and put solar Xmas lights on every side of your home? Measure them out too especially the backside because these hold your patio, garden plants, and a few outdoor furniture. This is particularly important if you have a few other solar outdoor Christmas decorations in there like Christmas inflatables or pre lit Christmas trees. 

Once you've measured out all surfaces in your home, move on to the features you want to include so you have good estimates of how many Christmas lights you need. Solar string lights like icicle lights are measured using strand length and lighted length. The latter is always about a foot less than the strand length, so add a foot or two to all of your strands just to be sure. 

Here's a little run down if you want a rough idea. Bushes mostly require one or two 4ft by 6ft lights per hedge while trees need at least 32-strand (100) lights for every 1 1/2 vertical feet. As for your home features, doors need about 16ft of strand, windows with a single width require around the same length, while columns with at least 7ft height need another 32-strand light.

Are Solar Icicle Lights Out Of Style?

Solar icicle lights are a timeless decorative piece. They’ll always be around every Christmas season, even with the emergence of new types of holiday lights. For one, they come in different colours to suit any outdoor space. 

Whether you want to have a white, winter-themed look or a cheery colourful garden, these sparkles will do the job for you! Dreaming of a tall Christmas tree with lights? Wrap icicle solar lights around your holiday tree and you're all set. 

Another great thing about these twinkles is that they're typically easy to install. You don't necessarily have to nail them and poke a permanent hole in your home. You can either use adhesive hooks, tape, and S-hooks to keep them in place. Want to place them on your hedges? Simply weave them around the branches for that glowing greenery effect. 

Solar icicle lights are fuses tons of perks with a stunning holiday display, perfect to help you out with the busy Christmas preps. Buy your own set at Outbax now and beat the Christmas shopping craze. We have these dainty lights in different colours, plus different solar panel types such as flexible solar panels to ensure optimal charging for them. 

While shopping for decorations, you might want to see our available outdoor gear as well. After all, what's a holiday break without a bit of outdoor adventure?

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