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Solar Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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Christmas is indeed a time of giving-and a time for flaunting those stunning ornaments and twinkling lights! These beauties get very popular as soon as the ber-months roll in. Solar outdoor Christmas decorations are highly preferred in particular, mainly due to their several advantages over traditional decors lit by incandescent lights. 

These decorations are mostly solar Christmas lights and solar Christmas trees assembled in outside spaces of homes like front lawns, backyards, and porches. They come in different types too such as the famous solar fairy lights that can be coiled around trees, arranged in a curtain style or lined along the edges of your roof. 

If you're thinking about switching to solar Christmas decorations, you're in luck. You have tons of options left and right since these are in demand, such as Bunnings solar Christmas lights, Kmart solar Christmas lights, and more. 

At Outbax, we also have an entire range dedicated to holiday lights and decorations. You can find a variety of solar garden lights here, plus other ornaments such as large Christmas inflatables to greet guests and neighbours every evening!

Are Solar Outdoor Christmas Decorations Any Good?

Absolutely! You basically win in all aspects when you switch to these types of decors. Outdoor solar Christmas lights, for example, offer versatile decorating options and are very easy to put up as well.

Opting for solar powered Christmas lights allows for more flexibility since you don't need to find a nearby outlet to plug them in anymore. You also get twice these perks when you go for LED solar Xmas lights, which are known for their high efficiency and safe operation. 

In terms of longevity, LED solar outdoor Christmas decorations can last up to a decade with proper usage and maintenance. Solar Christmas light batteries might have to be replaced every 3-4 years-which is not a bad timeframe since you'll be using them for a couple of months per year only-but the bulbs themselves are sure to last more Christmas seasons to come.

Solar lights are known to be eco-friendly as they help reduce pollution while letting you flaunt a festive display for the whole neighbourhood to enjoy. Opt for LED bulbs and you also get to enjoy increased safety as these lights stay cool to touch and are not prone to overheating, unlike traditional holiday lights. 

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from choosing solar outdoor Christmas decorations is that they're super cost-effective. No need to worry about your monthly electricity bill skyrocketing. Just make sure to fully charge your lights during the day and you get to enjoy them in the evening without draining your pockets! 

How Do You Charge Solar Outdoor Christmas Decorations?

Charging your solar Outdoor Christmas decorations is pretty easy and can be done in three simple steps. First, find the sunniest spot in your home's outdoor space. Make sure that this area won't be shaded even as the day progresses since shading will significantly impact your solar panel's efficiency. 

Next, set up your lights and be careful not to damage your solar panels upon assembly. Even solar panel micro-cracks can lead to permanent damage and extra costs on your end, so see to it that they stay safe even after you have finished putting up everything. 

Lastly, how you mount your solar panels matters a lot too. Have them directly facing the sun for increased charging efficiency. You want your solar Christmas lights to be fully charged by the time it gets dark so you can power them effectively and light up your home beautifully.  

Typically, solar lights take around eight hours to fully charge on a good day. This is subject to change depending on weather conditions, though. A lot of buyers are curious about whether solar powered Christmas lights will work on a cloudy day. The answer to this is yes-they will still charge although possibly not as fast compared to when you have a favourable outdoor condition. 

You'd know if your twinkles are fully charged and ready to be used when the LED indicator light switches on. Also, see to it that you follow your manufacturer's instructions on how to properly charge specific types of solar outdoor Christmas decorations. 

What Are the Best Types of Solar Outdoor Christmas Decorations?

Solar Fairy Lights

Outdoor fairy lights are dainty and can add various kinds of festive vibes to any space. Want something elegant? Choose white fairy lights. You can also get multi-coloured ones if you prefer a fun, cheery ambience. 

These twinkles are well-loved by homeowners because of how versatile they are. You can even go for a fairy lights curtain look to give plain walls an instant makeover. We have tons of these at Outbax too, which will also look great as Christmas tree lights!

Solar Christmas Trees

Any set-up of solar outdoor Christmas decorations will not be complete without an outdoor solar Christmas tree. This is practically a classic Christmas symbol and can either be a pre lit Christmas tree, a traditional one adorned with solar lights, or solar Xmas lights shaped into a tree. 

Either way, it will look great in any open space and can even be the centre of all your decorations, surrounded by more lights and ornaments of your favourite holiday characters. 

Solar Motif Lights

Christmas motif lights come in a variety of shapes and styles. Whether you want a bright "Merry Christmas" greeting on your door or bright, solar reindeer Christmas lights lined on your fence, these will do the trick for you. They're easy to put up as well perfect for busy homeowners during the holiday season. 

Solar Icicle Lights

Solar icicle lights resemble solar fairy lights and are often used to line roof and window edges. They look more like frozen ice, especially in white colour and will look perfect if you're opting for a winter wonderland look for this year. Pair it with a snowman inflatable and Santa might just come knocking at your door early!

Solar Laser Lights

Solar laser Christmas lights are great for finishing touches to your decorative set-up. Choose one in multiple holiday hues for a complete Christmas feel around your house. 

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You get to choose from different kinds of holiday ornaments and lights here, including a range of various solar panels to power them with! Skip the holiday rush and get your favourites early. Stocks run out FAST, so better stock up now! 

If you're the outdoorsy type, you've come to the right place still. Outbax is a haven for all outdoor lovers out there. Tick off those camping plans this Christmas break and head out with quality camping gear.

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