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Solar Christmas Lights

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You don't always have to buy your Christmas lights when the holidays are fast approaching. It's always a good idea to restock early especially if your old ones have some bulbs that are not working anymore. Decorating your home for Christmas is always exciting but of course, you have to face the consequences of higher costs as well. 

You have all these sparkly lights throughout the night, so naturally, your next electricity bill is likely to be higher compared to the previous months. One increasingly popular solution to this is solar Christmas lights which have basically the same concept as your other solar-powered appliances. 

How Do Solar Christmas Lights Work?

Solar Christmas lights differ from traditional holiday lights in the sense that they are powered by a solar battery charged through solar panels during the day rather than from the grid. Once your battery is fully topped off, a sensor will automatically switch on your lights using this, so you can bid those long, tangled cords goodbye. 

Solar-powered Christmas lights also usually come in the form of LED lights. They are less bright than incandescents but are more energy-efficient and can run effectively via solar energy. As for the solar panel used for solar Christmas decorations, it's typically attached to a stake that you can easily place on a sunny spot in your backyard during the day. 

What To Look For In Solar Christmas Lights?

Buying solar Christmas lights is not confined to just choosing which designs you like best. You have to consider which parts of the house you want to put the lights on, how you're going to arrange it, and which decors go well together. Below are some of the top factors to consider before you head out for some holiday season shopping. 

Cord length

Make sure the length of your Christmas solar lights cord is enough for the areas you want to cover even when you need to arrange them in a way that hides most of the wires. Do you want the trunk of your big backyard tree to be adorned with a spiral of lights? You might have to triple your cords especially if it's a tall one. 

If you're planning to line the edges of your roof with solar icicle lights, you should measure it first so you know how long you need your cords to be. Check out our Multicolour LED Icicle Lights at Outbax. It's perfect for indoors and outdoors plus, it comes with a storage bucket and extra-low voltage transformer too.

Number of lights

Decorating a big area such as shrubs and the sides of your lawn means you need a lot of lights to make it pretty. See if the Christmas solar lights you're eyeing have enough lights per strand to avoid getting something that won't be able to highlight your decorative area enough. The number of solar lights is always proportional to its length so make sure to always check both of them before purchasing. 

Our Solar Net Light String is perfect if you need extra lights at Outbax is ideal if you need extra sparkle. They're easy to hang too and can be used to light up the greenery in your backyard. 


You'll be greeted with tons of colour options when you buy solar Christmas lights. Plan ahead before shopping to see which hues go best with your home and which colours you can mix and match to achieve a lovely arrangement of lights that will make your home stand out. 

If you like something simple and cute, you might want to try our Solar Christmas Candy Cane Lights at Outbax. You can easily prop them on your fence and their beautiful red and white colours perfectly blend with the holiday tones.

Are Solar Christmas Lights Worth It?

Solar Christmas Lights are typically priced 30% to 50% higher than conventional plug-in lights. Holiday lights are generally inexpensive so despite this, the difference in costs usually amounts to around $10 only. Investing in solar-powered Christmas lights is a good idea for most households provided that they are in a favourable location to maximise the use of solar energy. 

The upfront price might be higher but you will eventually see a return in terms of electricity costs mostly during the near-Christmas months when you're using your decors regularly already. This is also a good way to conserve energy and save up, especially if you plan to extend the holiday vibe in your home and put the decors up for a longer period.

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