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Pre Lit Christmas Trees

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Christmas season is in the air again. Have you started decorating your home yet? If not, maybe you should get a pre lit Christmas tree this year! Pre lit Christmas trees are both beautiful and convenient. No more complex wiring-you get to go straight to the fun part of decorating your tree. 

Pre lit Christmas trees have gained popularity over the years for this exact reason and with little difference from the price of traditional Christmas trees, these are your best picks for the coming holiday season!

How well do you know about these trees anyway? Find out here at Outbax and choose your pre lit Christmas tree from our unique range. Our holiday decors are of quality and affordable here, so you might want to go all out and get some icicle lights and rope lights too!

What Are the Best Pre-Lit Christmas Trees?

One type of "Christmas tree lighted" in the search box and you'll be greeted with rows of pre lit Christmas trees. Even your favourite local stores have them! You can easily get a Target pre lit Christmas tree or Kmart pre lit Christmas tree early before December but with so many options, how do you know which ones are the best?

We've gathered some of the most popular pre lit Christmas trees here to give you an idea of what style you can get for your home this year! Check them out below. 

LED Christmas Tree

LED lights use 75% less energy and last for 25% longer than traditional lights. They're the perfect type of pre lit Christmas trees for any household and with so many colours to choose from, you'll definitely love the shopping experience! Try getting a multi-colour pre lit Christmas tree LED and watch how beautiful the hues look against a backdrop of lush leaves. It'll look awesome with equally colourful gifts at the bottom!

Pre Lit Snowy Christmas Tree

You don't have to go outside to enjoy a beautiful snowy view. Flocked or snowy pre lit Christmas trees will do the job for you, so you can stay cosy while taking in a festive holiday vibe. Add some dainty decors to it for an elegant style that is sure to impress guests. 

Pre Lit Christmas Tree with LED Bulb Tips

Here's something unique: Instead of the usual pre lit Christmas tree look, go for trees with lighted tips. They'll bring something different to your decors and you can even come up with your own unique ornaments to support its overall look. Gold lights and green pine trees go so well together, so you could try this combo this year.

Speaking of unique, take a look at our pre lit Stockholm Willow Christmas Tree. It's ideal for those who want a less bulky, slim Christmas tree that still makes a statement. Adorned with 180 colour-changing LED lights with an automatic twinkle effect, all eyes are sure to go straight to this piece as soon as they enter your home.

Is It Better To Buy Pre Lit Christmas Trees?

You always have the choice of which Christmas tree to choose for the holiday season, but pre lit ones have their own specific advantages. For one, they require less work so they're pretty convenient and won't take up too much of your prep time (we know you have to cook up a feast too!). They're easy to disassemble too since you won't have to deal with tangled wires anymore. 

Going for LED pre lit Christmas trees in particular is a win in safety and efficiency. Christmas lights LED are more energy-efficient and less likely to heat up, allowing you to enjoy your decor without worries. When shopping for your own tree, check if it is UL listed or approved. This is a good indication of safety and should be a top consideration of every buyer. 

Another pro of lighted Christmas trees is that they're reusable. There's no need to get a new tree every year so you get to save up as well while still having a stunning piece to adorn your home with. 

How To Choose Pre Lit Christmas Trees?

The style you want for your holiday tree is all up to your taste, but what about the other factors to check such as size and quality? Let's start off with the dimensions. Artificial Christmas trees come in a variety of heights and widths. 

A lot of homeowners would usually get a 7ft Christmas tree or something close to this size, but it's still best to measure the surrounding area you plan to put the tree in. It's also ideal to have at least 12 inches of allowance from the ceiling and 6 inches from the wall to allow for modifications if there are any.

In terms of materials, you can either go for PVC or PE. The needles and branches of PE artificial trees resemble those of a real tree more compared to PVC so if you want an evergreen look, this is the better choice. 

Branches can either be a hinged type or hook-in type. Hinged trees have permanently fixed branches and are easier to set up, while hook-in pre lit Christmas trees take more time to assemble but are less expensive. 

Your holiday tree's stand also matters as it holds your entire ensemble of decors together. Metal ones are heavier compared to plastic stands but this offers increased stability. Also, try to look for trees that are labelled fire-retardant and fade-resistant for safe, long-lasting use. 

How Long Do Artificial Pre Lit Christmas Trees Last?

Artificial pre lit Christmas trees can last for up to 10 years or more. They offer great value for your money plus beautiful decor that you can set up hassle-free. However, as with all things, you need to maintain your tree to keep it looking brand new. During the holiday season, see to it that you turn off the lights when not in use to avoid overheating. 

Christmas decorations stay in storage for the most part of the year, so make sure that your storage area is big enough to accommodate your tree. Cramped spaces may damage its branches and lights, so you should have a space ready to put your tree in after use even before you buy one. 

Start your Christmas shopping and be the first to get our available decors at Outbax! We have pre lit Christmas trees here as well as Christmas light decorations including outdoor fairy lights and solar candy cane lights!

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