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Motif Christmas Lights

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Christmas light decorations are the perfect indicators that the holiday season is drawing near. Tons of outdoor lit Christmas trees are rising up in houses and different indoor and outdoor Christmas lights are twinkling at night, such as beautiful motif lights. 

Motif lights are sometimes referred to as silhouette lights as they provide lit-up shapes of different holiday characters and decorations. Whether you want a twinkling "Merry Christmas" greeting on your door or a row of solar reindeer lights lined up on your fence, these are the perfect Christmas lights for you. 

Just like a lot of popular outdoor Christmas decorations such as fairy lights, solar Christmas lights are also the most recommended type of twinkles for motif lights. Solar motif lights allow you to enjoy your holiday ensemble without worrying about your electricity bills too much. Make it solar LED motif lights and you win in efficiency, durability, and user-safety aspects.

Sometimes, Christmas motifs are also called rope lights since they look like a twisted version of it. These are very accessible as well and would usually come up whether you're searching for Bunnings solar Christmas lights or Kmart solar Christmas lights. Once you've bought yours, you can easily put them up in open spaces or even inside your home, if you want. 

Thinking of getting solar Christmas motif lights this year? Visit our website at Outbax! We have tons of LED Christmas motifs here available in a variety of shapes from stars to Santa Claus, all ready to be displayed in any house to welcome the festive season!

What Are the Most Popular Christmas Motif Lights?

Shopping for your first set of Christmas rope light motif? Here are some of the best ones you could go for. Pair a few of them together and create the most dazzling Christmas arrangement that your neighbourhood is sure to appreciate.

Santa Motif Lights

HO-HO-HO! There's nothing cuter than Santa in your backyard, so why not put him up with a couple of reindeer in there? Kids will love it-and even adults too-who doesn't want Santa as part of their outdoor Christmas light decorations, anyway?

Reindeer Christmas Motifs

Get a few reindeer lights carrying Santa and your home will definitely look all merry and Christmas-ready! Choose a silhouette light with them carrying tons of gifts and have everyone excited for their own presents too. 

Holiday Greetings

A classic way to welcome guests is always a "Merry Christmas" twinkling signage by your door! Make it extra merry with some icicle solar lights, or maybe a couple of Christmas inflatables in your front lawn!

First Christmas Motif Lights

Want something elegant that will never go out of style? Put up a lighted scene of the first Christmas, or the Nativity scene. This will look great in gardens along with your flower beds, near a man-made pond if you have one, or against a backdrop of fairy lights curtain arrangement.

Christmas Tree Silhouette Lights

If having too many pre lit Christmas trees are too much maintenance, try Christmas tree motif lights instead. Include them as part of your solar garden lights and for an instant holiday tree that brings its own charm to any space. 

Where Can You Put Up Christmas Motif Lights?

Christmas motif lights are quite versatile despite having a fixed shape. They can be placed indoors or outdoors to liven up your spaces for the holidays and can also be assembled alongside other Christmas decorations.

If you want an outdoor Christmas motif, in particular, you can have them perched on the ground whether on your lawn or deck together with traditional or fake artificial Christmas trees. 

What about your indoor area? Well, there's no better way to liven up those walls than a silhouette light of your favourite characters such as a lighted Christmas reindeer or a multi-colour holiday greeting. Pair them with garlands and maybe a few more solar powered Christmas lights for a very merry household!

DIY enthusiasts will also be thrilled to know that motif lights can also be hung! They're the best things to add to garden poles or backyard trees for an instant holiday touch. There are so many decorating options for you and everything can be assembled conveniently, perfect for the busy season.

If you're going for a large Christmas ensemble this year for the first time with a variety of other solar Xmas lights, you also have the choice to hire professionals to help you out. The electrical side of these stunning twinkles can be tricky, so you can either ask assistance from an electrician or a professional Christmas decorator for safe, proper installation. 

What Are the Best Tips For Storing Motif Lights?

Containers are your best picks

Don't just chuck everything in a cabinet after the holidays. This might be easy and a lot faster, but it's also the number one way to damage motif lights-or any other Christmas lights for that matter. Designate a container for them and make sure it's a spacious one, especially for Christmas motifs. These are mostly fixed, so keeping them in a cramped up space can either distort or even break them. 

Keep everything dry and cool

This one's practically a given. Moisture causes corrosion for battery-operated Christmas lights and even for plug-in types, so see to it that everything is dry before storing especially if for outdoor lights that are most exposed to outdoor conditions including rainy days. 

Untangle those wires first!

Make sure your Christmas lights are tangle-free first, to prevent issues such as flickering lights the next time you use them. Gather the cords and use a plastic twist tie to hold them in place to keep everything organised and ready every holiday season. 

Practice divisions

As much as possible, keep motif lights together with other motif lights. This goes for every other Christmas light you have. Also, it's a good idea to group them by age too, keeping newer ones together and older ones in the same place. This way, you know which lights are more prone to bulb failures and you can place them somewhere less visible instead. 

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