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Most of us are collectively excited whenever the holiday season draws near. Holiday tunes start playing, malls start decorating, and shoppers start hunting for the best Christmas lights sale. We all want our homes to look holiday-ready, but of course, at a price that is comfortable to pay. 

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Most of us are collectively excited whenever the holiday season draws near. Holiday tunes start playing, malls start decorating, and shoppers start hunting for the best Christmas lights sale. We all want our homes to look holiday-ready, but of course, at a price that is comfortable to pay. 

On average, Christmas lights prices fall between $80 to $300. This can still go higher though, depending on the size of your home, the height of your Christmas tree, where you're going to place it, and if you plan to hire a company to help you assemble everything. Each light may cost differently too and you could incur additional costs if you need professional help, such as an electrician or professional decorator.  

This is why Christmas lights for sale are highly sought after as early as September. Luckily, if you search for "Christmas lights for sale Australia," you'll be greeted with numerous results on where you can get quality Christmas light decorations at a reduced price. 

Which Stores Offer the Best Christmas Lights Sale?

Did someone say Xmas lights sale? Your favourite local stores prepare for that yearly, so get ready for discounts-and busy fellow shoppers-left and right! Whether you're after Bunnings Christmas lights, Kmart Christmas lights, or Big W Christmas lights, you're sure to get them months before the season officially starts. 

If you prefer shopping online to avoid the crowd, you got a lot of options too. For instance, at Outbax, we offer a massive Christmas lights sale with products ranging below $50! Take note, we're talking about LED solar Christmas lights and LED lit Christmas trees here. You'd think you need to spend a few more bucks for these, but as a holiday treat for you, we're offering them at lower prices with FREE shipping.

Aside from affordable price tags, you also get to choose from a wide range of products here. We have outdoor fairy lights that will look stunning in gardens and front yards, Christmas rope lights, and even large Christmas light displays for sale such as motif lights. You get to mix and match your favourites and have them delivered right to your doorstep-easy peasy!

How To Save Money Aside From a Christmas Lights Sale?

So you're done shopping from a Christmas lights sale event and ready to put them up in your home. Keep in mind this will be another set of expenses from installation to daily runtime. You might need to bring out your best saving techniques here, so here's a little guide on how you can cut down the costs of running an entire Christmas light ensemble:

Go For LED Solar Christmas Lights

LED lights use around 75% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Sure, they have a higher upfront cost but these are guaranteed to decrease your electrical output and help you save more in the long run. 

Even better, opt for solar LED lights with included solar panels. You get to maximise renewable energy from the sun and enjoy increased flexibility when decorating since you won't have to plug in anything anymore. 

Track Your Holiday Lights' Runtime

As pretty as they are, outdoor Christmas lights and outdoor lit Christmas trees are best highlighted in the evening, when it's completely dark. There's absolutely no point turning them on during the day and when you do switch them on at night, leave them for 4-6 hours only. 

Either you turn them off before you go to bed or use a timer for extra convenience. For one, no one's going to appreciate your twinkling lights past bedtime, it also increases the risk of fire, and you're very likely to get a not-so-merry electric bill at the end of the month.

Minimise Hazards

When buying solar outdoor decorations including Christmas lights, choose something with a sealed connection. This means that each bulb has an acrylic seal that permanently affixes it to the wire and acts as a protective cover against moisture. 

If you already bought yours, make sure to follow the correct charging procedures and keep the plugs/batteries safe in case of a rainy day. While a lot of outdoor holiday lights are designed to fare decently in unfavourable weather, you can never go wrong with extra precautions to avoid having to spend for repair or replacement.

Ask For Professional Help

Is it your first time putting up a large Christmas lights setup? If so, it might be better to ask for assistance, especially when dealing with the wiring. You could damage your entire lighting system by doing it alone, or worse get harmed in the process. 

This would incur more but will help you save bigger if you consider the risks of doing it alone. Besides, once you get the hang of assembling the lights on your own, you can always skip them in the future.

When Should You Look For a Christmas Lights Sale?

Christmas lights sale events are usually dependent on retailers. Some hold it early for those who want to avoid the holiday shopping rush, while others wait until around November. It's best to plan out your budget beforehand and decide which stores you want to check out. This way, you know which ones to look out for so you can keep yourself updated on their upcoming offers. 

Some also suggest taking advantage of post-holiday Christmas light sales. It may be a little too early to buy your decorative lights for the next season but these are when the discounts are best. You can even find Xmas lights at 75-90% off their original price!

Quit typing in "Christmas lights near me" every season and head straight to your trusted stores. Even better, check out our Christmas light collection at Outbax. 

We have a variety of string lights here including fairy lights and icicle lights, holiday inflatables, and Christmas tree lights. You're sure to have fun browsing in the comfort of your home. Whether you're looking for Perth Christmas lights or Sydney Christmas lights, we'll have them shipped to your location hassle-free. 

In search of solar panels for your solar powered Christmas lights? We got them too-and in different kinds such as flexible solar panels and solar blankets. Of course, outdoor lovers have a lot in store for them as well.

Our range of camping generators is the handiest ever, while our LiFePO4 batteries are available in several sizes to accommodate all kinds of outdoor adventures. Make the most out of your holiday break and tick off all those planned trips!