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Generator sales in Australia have always been good. A lot of households prefer having a backup source of power in case of power outages, and the majority of Aussies are big fans of the outdoors as well. Generators are one of the top picks when it comes to getting camping power because of their handy size and easy-to-use mechanism. Currently, a lot of outdoor lovers are switching to inverter generators mainly because of their advantages in efficiency and run time. 

Inverter generators contribute a huge chunk of the overall generator sales in a lot of camping stores. They are especially suited for outdoor use because they are lighter and more fuel-efficient. These are also quiet generators for camping, making them ideal for public camping spots that require a certain noise level if you're bringing a generator with you. 

There are a lot of factors affecting generator sales in Australia. Read on and learn more about it plus get the best tips on which generator to purchase for your future outdoor adventures. 

When Are Generator Sales the Highest?

Generator sales usually peak in the event of harsh weather conditions such as storms. These often cause power interruptions and having a backup generator on standby to keep your basic appliances running would be a big help to any household. It's also best to go for an inverter generator for this. Traditional ones work fine, but they're often very bulky, noisy, and they require installation too. A 7kVA inverter generator or something with a higher capacity would do the same job, minus the noise and extra costs. 

Another reason for spikes in generator sales is when peak camping season enters. This is usually September to November or the spring season in Australia. It's the best time to enjoy the outdoors because of the generally dry weather condition, allowing you to camp out without enduring too much heat or freezing in the cold. 

You're likely to bring only a handful of appliances when camping, so a 2kVA generator or a 3kVA inverter generator would be a good pick. Also, the most ideal time to purchase a generator would be early fall or early spring. This way, you can avoid the panic buying of backup power before, after, and during extreme weather events.

Which Brands Have Good Generator Sales In Australia?

If you're after quality generators in Australia, here are some of the top brands with the best generator sales that you can go for.

BAUMR-AG GV7000 Portable Inverter Generator

This 3100kW generator gives you good value for your money with a run time of 4.5 hours. It's equipped with an easy start design and a four-stroke engine, which helps make the most out of your fuel for maximum efficiency. 

The outlets are also covered, perfect for use outdoors. The only downside of this is safety because of an exposed tank which poses risks of burns, so you need to mind the setup for this kind of generator. 

Gentrax Inverter Generator

Gentrax is quite popular in Australia, particularly the Gentrax 3.5kW Inverter Generator. This model won as the best generator in the country for three consecutive years, and it's easy to see why. 

This portable generator boasts a Pure Sine Wave Output, making it safe even for sensitive devices like laptops. It's lightweight too and with a continuous run time of 9 hours on economy mode, you're sure to have enough power even while out and about.

GENPOWER 420cc Diesel Portable Generator

This one's a complete power horse with 7000W of peak electricity output and 5000W of rated power output. It's the perfect generator for caravans and with three 15A outlets, you can power multiple tools if you're using it in a worksite. The oversized, self-charging battery ensures a quiet operation while allowing continued use at the same time. 

The only cons of this generator are the expensive price and the lack of USB outlets for charging devices like tablets and phones. Otherwise, it makes an ideal choice, especially for heavy-duty applications.

What Other Factors Affect Generator Sales?

Aside from season and weather conditions, there are more factors that play a role in the varying state of generator sales. When it comes to individual generator providers, bad reviews bring bad sales as well. A series of unsatisfactory feedback from customers will soon reach other potential buyers, so it's important to build a good reputation in the market. 

Another disadvantage of most generators is the expensive price. Chances are, customers will opt for the more affordable ones or wait for generator sale events to slash some of the unit's total cost. Here at Outbax, we make sure all our camping gear including inverter generators are priced reasonably to be able to accommodate campers on a budget. 

Lastly, the overall quality of your generators will have an impact on sales as well. Word goes out fast in the camping scene so brands that have been proven and tested by a lot of outdoor lovers will be highly preferred by newbies or first-time generator buyers. 

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