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3kVA Inverter Generator

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Sometimes, you need a bit more power than the very popular 2000w generator for camping, so you may be thinking about a 3kVA inverter generator for that extra power boost. Maybe you want to add a few more appliances to the load or you 're thinking about running the aircon in your caravan from a generator. Perhaps you want to have some power available in case there 's an outage and you are temporarily unable to access the electricity from the grid. Maybe you are off-grid, and you want something as a backup if you can 't access enough solar or wind power to run your home equipment. Whether you are looking for generators in Melbourne or generators in Mackay, a 3kVA inverter generator might be the solution with its decent output capacity and quiet functioning.

How does an inverter generator work?

An inverter generator works overall in the same way as a conventional generator. Basically, the fuel - diesel or petrol - powers the engine, which turns an alternator that converts mechanical energy into an electric current. In a conventional generator, this is a high voltage multiphase AC (alternating current) power. However, an inverter generator produces AC via the alternator, which is then converted into DC (direct current) and then it is inverted back to AC power by a microprocessor.

The power from an inverter generator will be clean, consistent and stable, meaning that there is much less distortion. In fact, some brands of inverter generator produce power of the same quality as that of what you get at home from mains electricity. An advantage of this is that an inverter generator can be used to charge sensitive electronics such as smartphones and other devices.

Another difference is that any inverter generator, including a 3kVA inverter generator, will be a lot more quiet than a conventional generator. This is because it is built with a sound-attenuating enclosure which is designed to make the inverter generator so quiet that it is easy to carry on a conversation even when it is close by.

A 3kVA inverter generator will also work differently from a conventional generator because it has the ability to throttle up and down depending on the load that is being drawn down. That means that it will only use the fuel it requires to operate the appliances that are running at the time. That also means the tank will need to be filled less often as fuel will be saved from the system not running at full tilt the whole time.

What appliances can I run with a 3kVA inverter generator?

What you can run with a 3kVA inverter generator depends on two things; the first is your appliance 's wattage, start-up and running wattage, and the number of appliances you will be running at the same time from your generator. These calculations will help you to get the most out of your inverter generator without overloading the motor. Each appliance will be rated by watts, and the start-up wattage will be the higher figure; this is what it takes for that appliance to get going, and it will be higher for appliances that need to heat up (e.g., hairdryer), or cool down, (e.g., aircon). If your generator does not have the capacity to cover the start-up wattage of your most load-drawing appliance, then you can 't use it. Also, working out what you will be running or starting up at the same time will make sure that you have enough energy available to make a cup of coffee at the same time as you are cooking toast and running the lights, for example.

Also, as kVA and wattage are not necessarily exactly the same; you need to know what the wattage of your 3kVA inverter generator is when you are calculating the load of your appliances. kVA stands for kilo-volt-ampere and represents apparent power, and watts are kilowatts and represent actual power, i.e., the amount that is converted into an output. One more thing to take note of is the power factor that depends on the frequency of the alternating current source.

To clarify their relations, the general equation is this: kVA (apparent power) x power factor = KW (actual power). If in doubt, check with your friendly Outbax customer service representatives.

Where can I buy a 3kVA inverter generator near me?

At Outbax, we have a range of generators for sale online, so check out our selection if you are looking for a 3kVA inverter generator. Our range is not limited to 3kVA inverter generators - we have portable inverter generators in various sizes and power ratings. If you are getting out in your van or RV and want the smallest generator, a small generator for camping or a generator for a caravan, we can help. Furthermore, we are not confined to adventures on land as we also have marine generators for your boat adventures. Our friendly staff are happy to discuss your power needs and hook you up with the generator that is perfect for you. If you have any questions, don 't hesitate to get in touch.

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