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Generators are primarily associated with outdoor use such as camping or job site applications. A lot of people are always in search of the best camping generator, but from a homeowner's perspective, getting the best home generator is just as important. Usually, generators for houses are used as backup generators. They are either used as whole-house generators or for powering a few essential appliances in case of sudden power interruptions. 

Before, households typically used the traditional standby generators which are big, bulky, and noisy. Aside from taking up too much space, these generators require installation that adds to the initial cost of the unit. The continuous advancement of portable generators has provided a solution for this. Smaller units nowadays can pack enough power to run most home appliances and they're a lot quieter too-great for running your essentials without disturbing your neighbours. 

Inverter generators in particular are taking over the market with their many advantages over conventional generators. These units are fuel-efficient, more lightweight, and have a discreet run time. They also emit cleaner emissions and are more suitable for powering sensitive devices such as laptops and mobile phones. An inverter generator is an ideal option for camping and it also makes the best home generator to provide you with reliable electricity during a power outage. 

What Is the Best Home Generator Size?

Besides specs and performance, a properly sized generator is also one of the factors that make up the best home generator. You cannot expect to maximise the use of your unit if it's too large or too small for your power requirements. A generator bigger than your power needs can be inefficient and may even cause damage to electrical systems. Similarly, an extremely small generator may be unreliable and also poses the risk of overheating. 

To know what size generator for a house you need, make a list of all the appliances you wish to power in case of an outage first. Take note of both their starting and running watts so you have an idea of both the maximum and rated power output you should have. You normally find these labels on the manual or identification plate of a certain appliance. Calculate the total power in kW or kVA to get a good estimate of the amount of power you need. 

For a more accurate result, you can use online power calculators to do the adding and conversions for you. You also have the option to hire a certified electrician to do an inspection and calculate everything for you, although this would mean extra costs on your end. 

What Is the Best Home Generator Brand in Australia?


Yamaha is quite a familiar name as it is one of the most popular motorcycle manufacturers. The company specialises in inverter generators as well. Their latest Yamaha EF2200IS Inverter Generator even features a reset button to allow easy restarting in case the unit is overloaded. It also has a boost function if you need a little more grunt and has an impressive run time of 10.5 hours at 1/4 load-definitely ideal for those unexpected power interruptions!

Briggs & Stratton

Here comes another prominent name in the power equipment industry. Briggs & Stratton Generators have established a stellar reputation over the years. If you want to give their generators a go, try the Briggs & Stratton 4500W Inverter Generator. It boasts a Quiet Power Technology that allows the engine to easily adjust its speed according to your power needs and is equipped with an LCD display for easy monitoring of your unit's metrics. This is basically a combo of great capacity and specs, perfect as backup power for any home.  


Inverter generators can be expensive. Luckily, Gentrax generators offer quality units that retail for more affordable price tags. All Gentrax units boast a Pure Sine Wave output for stable performance and are available in different capacities. The GenTrax 6KW Pure Sine Wave Inverter Generator specifically will work great for a temporary power source at home. It can power most air conditioners and is built durable for long-lasting use-no wonder it has sold 7,000 units already!

How To Choose the Best Home Generator?

After determining your power requirements, there are a few more things you need to consider to get the best home generator. First, check the run time. You want something that can run for at least 10 hours so you can get still get an uninterrupted work time during the day and goodnight's rest during the night. 

Another feature to look into is the number and type of outlets fitted in the unit. Go for something with multiple sockets and can accommodate a variety of plugs that will allow you to run devices equally durable and has all the standard household outlets included on a single end to avoid having to manage multiple extension wires. 

The best home generator should also be a quiet generator. You don't want to announce that you have one the moment you turn it on. Choose something that runs at around 58dB, as this is considered to be an acceptable noise level for generators. 

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