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12v Deep Cycle Battery

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When it comes to camping and other outdoor applications, 12V deep-cycle batteries are probably the most popularly used batteries especially if it's in off-grid locations. A deep-cycle battery's long-lasting supply of power works perfectly in remote areas with no access to a mains power, while a 12V voltage output is usually enough to effectively power all essential camping appliances. Recently, the many benefits of deep-cycle batteries are becoming more known not just in the camping field but also in households. Lithium deep-cycle batteries in particular get the best reviews, combining deep-cycling benefits with the advanced features of lithium batteries. If you're a first-time buyer of deep-cycle batteries, it's good to know that deep-cycle battery prices can be quite high, although the benefits you'll be getting will prove it to be the cost-effective choice in the long run. Getting a 12V deep-cycle battery for camping or as a battery backup ensures that you have consistent, stable power when you need it, all in a compact and portable battery box. 

What Are the Best Deep Cycle Batteries?

With so many choices, you might be wondering, what is the best deep-cycle battery? Each battery pack has its own specifications and aside from this, they vary in voltage output and capacity as well so it’s really up to what your system needs and if you prefer particular features. However, if you want a little peek at which 12V deep-cycle batteries are currently ranking high in the market, here are a few names for you:

Giant Power 140Ah AGM Battery

Under the AGM category, the Aussie-made Giant Power battery pack takes the crown with its high vibration resistance and durable construction. Built with sturdy AGM plates and quality copper-silver terminals, this camping battery is designed to withstand even the toughest terrains, perfect as a 4x4 battery or boat battery. It's corrosion-resistant as well and backed by a 5-year warranty to further extend its service life. If you're looking for something that pairs well with solar panels and has a low discharge rate, this 12V AGM deep-cycle battery is for you. 

Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

The Battle Born lithium battery boasts 100% safety and cell balancing function with its LiFePO4-based technology. Featuring an integrated BMS for automatic protection against common battery issues, this power pack is designed to serve you for years. It lasts for up to 5,000 cycles and has a 90% depth of discharge for an extended period of use. The best part? You get all these benefits in a lightweight, 31 lbs battery for easy portability during your outdoor adventures. 

Enerdrive B-TEC Slimline Lithium Batteries

Enerdrive is one of the most well-known battery suppliers in Australia. Their slimline range of LiFePO4 works excellent in deep-cycle applications and are available at 12V 100Ah capacity. Powerful, space-saving, and safe, this battery pack is made up of high-quality prismatic cells for optimal performance. Backed by great after-sales service, it's no wonder why this is one of the most popular batteries on the market.

Here at Outbax, we also have tons of available deep-cycle batteries for recreational, commercial, or residential purposes. Best of all, we offer them at a competitive price without compromising on quality to accommodate every camper. Check out our LiFePO4 packs online and enjoy great deals on excellent power sources.

How Do You Maintain a Deep-Cycle Battery?

Whether it's a 12V deep-cycle battery, slim deep-cycle battery, or deep-cycle caravan battery, the first step to maintaining your power pack is to charge it appropriately. Most battery failures spring from improper charging practices. Make sure to use the correct battery charger for the type of deep-cycle battery that you have. Regular voltage checks are also important-see to it that your voltage is above 12.5V using a voltmeter, and top off your battery immediately after returning from a trip. As much as possible, try to use your battery every now and then since keeping it unused for long periods can reduce both its lifespan and performance. If you're using flooded lead-acid batteries, make it a habit to check their electrolyte level from time to time. Lastly, regardless of your battery type, keeping its external properties in good condition is a must. Inspect your deep-cycle battery from its body down to its cables and terminals, make sure to clean them as needed, and be extra careful when installing or setting down your battery pack to avoid punctures.

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