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What Is the Best Deep Cycle Battery

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If you're looking for a good off-grid battery, you can never go wrong with a deep-cycle battery. Every avid camper, RV owner, or boater is sure to have heard of this. Deep-cycle batteries are geared for long-lasting use with their extended lifespan and the ability to power your load up until 80% of discharge level. This is why they are suitable for use as caravan batteries, service batteries, and even boat batteries. In the camping field, it's usually a battle of AGM deep-cycle batteries and lithium deep-cycle batteries in terms of popularity.

Both are widely used despite their different characteristics-while lithium batteries are better in terms of quality, they can be expensive compared to AGM which fares decently too and is usually priced lower. 

Having trouble choosing between the two? Here are some of the best AGM deep-cycle batteries and lithium deep-cycle batteries you can check out to give you an idea.

Best AGM Deep-Cycle Batteries

VMaxTanks V35-857 Marine Deep Cycle Battery: Perfect for marine applications, this 12V deep-cycle battery is built to withstand shock and vibrations. Despite having a discharge rate of only 60%, the good thing about this battery is the maintenance-free usage that you get to enjoy with its leak-proof structure.

Universal Power Group Deep Cycle Battery: Universal Power is known for its wide range of power packs suited for different applications. Their 100Ah deep-cycle battery is compact and lightweight at only 63.93 lbs, perfect for small power demands like golf carts, mini-boats, and mini-trailers. Just like VMaxTanks, they're maintenance-free and vibration-proof too. 

Best Lithium Deep-Cycle Batteries

Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery: BattleBorn is among the most prominent names in the battery market and naturally, their LiFePO4 batteries don't disappoint. Made from non-toxic renewable energy, this battery has up to 3 times more power than a traditional lead-acid battery and lasts for 3,000 to 5,000 life cycles. Like all LiFePO4 batteries, it's also equipped with an integrated BMS for optimal performance every time. 

Ampere Time LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery: If you're after something with a higher capacity, try this 300Ah LiFePO4 battery. Fusing a 100% DoD, 10 years of warranty, and an IP65 waterproof rating, it's the best battery for every outdoor trip. Ampere also makes sure that its batteries are extremely safe, so this one boasts a UL Testing Certificate in each of its cells.

What Makes a Good Lithium Deep-Cycle Battery?

As mentioned earlier, if you're willing to invest in a quality battery, lithium is your best pick. A good lithium deep-cycle battery should significantly be lighter and lasts up to twice the lifespan of a lead-acid battery-at least 10 years to get good value for your money. Using it as a camping battery pack? Check its discharge rate. It should be around 2% to 5.8% monthly so you don't end up with a flat battery when you're using it again after the off-season. Most importantly, take note of safety. This is where LiFePO4 batteries are at an advantage. These batteries don't explode nor catch fire so it's one less thing to worry about while using your battery. Additionally, they're environmentally friendly as well without any lead or heavy metal components. 

What If I Charge a Lithium Deep-Cycle Battery At a Higher Voltage?

Charging a 12V deep-cycle battery above 15V will cause the BMS to turn off, so this is not recommended. In case this happens, disconnect it from the charging source, let it rest for 30 seconds, and switch it on again. If the voltage level is at 18V and above, this means that the BMS has already been damaged. Charging it at a lower voltage level is not a good idea as well since it may decrease the battery's lifespan. Your battery's voltage cut-offs may slightly vary depending on factors such as temperature and part tolerances. To help keep it in optimal condition, make sure to use the appropriate lithium battery charger and follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to properly charge it. 

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