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Battery Operated Fairy Lights

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Fairy string lights are a great way to add flair to any home. Whether you want to add illumination behind sheer curtains or brighten an outside display, they get the job done. And with today 's technology getting smaller and smaller, there 's no need to rely on plug-in lights. For outdoor areas or temporary displays, battery-powered lights can be a simpler, easier choice.

On the other hand, batteries do have a limited lifespan. So for permanent displays, a plug-in kit is oftentimes the better choice. That said, if you need a battery-powered set, we 've got you covered. Here at Outbax, we are committed to providing high quality products at competitive prices. And this is not evident in just our Christmas lights, our wide range of solar powered outdoor lights, inflatables and motif lights will make it easy for you to decorate your home for the holidays and even throughout the year.

Decorating With Fairy String Lights
Before we go further, how might you use a set of fairy string lights to begin with? There are plenty of arts and crafts ideas out there. So we perused some guides and found some of the most popular ideas that home decorators are using these days. Here are a few of the bright ideas we found.

Decorate Your Shelves and Walls
Bookshelves, pantry shelves, and other storage areas can easily look dull and uninteresting. Why not add a splash of light by running some fairy lights around the edges? This is especially useful if your shelving has a lot of negative space. Alternatively, you can use fairy lights to create a decorative border around your shelves.

But why limit yourself to just shelves? You can also decorate your walls. Create a border, or simply string them across the top of the wall. Or why not get even more creative, and string lights around your family photos? And mirrors are a prime place for decoration.

Run your lights along the top, or, alternatively, create a border. You can also put fairy lights on your ceiling. This way, you can turn your bedroom or living room ceiling into a starry constellation. If you want to get really fancy, you can even spell out a word on your wall. What better way to brighten up a graduation party or birthday celebration?

Add Some Flash to Trees and Branches
Of course, fairy lights aren 't only useful for indoor displays. If they 're waterproof, they 're also useful for outdoor decoration. For example, why not hang your fairy lights in a tree? This isn 't necessarily a great idea for long-term use. But for a party, barbecue, or bonfire, they 're sure to be a conversation piece.

And why not bring some of that outdoor charm into your home? You can decorate your wall or even build a centerpiece with branches. Run some fairy lights through your centerpiece, and your dining room table will really sparkle. And for a seasonal display, why not use pine branches? This is especially brilliant if you don 't have enough space for a full-sized Christmas tree.

Brighten Up Your Arts and Crafts
Finally, fairy lights can add that extra finishing touch to your arts and crafts. For example, you can wrap a string of lights around your candles. This may sound like an unnecessary touch, but it looks fantastic! Not only will the candles light up on top, but they 'll glow all around.

You can also use fairy lights to make homemade lanterns. If you 've got a few old mason jars lying around, why not throw some fairy lights inside? Instead of wasting space, they 'll add flair to your living room or dining room. You can do the same thing to bring life to old brass lanterns, or even glass bottles. The possibilities are truly endless.

Hanging Fairy Lights Indoors
The materials you need will depend on the surface your lights hang from. Want to create less of an impact on your drywall? Use push pins or thumbtacks. Use a hammer and nails if pictures or additional items will hang from your fairy lights.

Hanging Fairy Lights Without Nails
Hanging fairy lights without nails is a relatively painless process.

Buy damage-free hanging hooks from the brand of your choice.
Make sure your walls are clean and dry.
Adhere the hooks to the walls
Wrap or lay the fairy lights on the hook.

Remember that small open loop hooks are excellent for ceiling hanging. You can find damage-free loop hooks at your local home appliance or warehouse store

Hanging fairy lights on brick? Hot glue can usually do the trick. If you change your mind, the glue generally isn 't difficult to peel off.

Safety Considerations
Be aware of the type of lights you have purchased. Are they indoor or outdoor? Buy LED string lights or LED fairy lights if you intend to install lights in your bedroom or hang curtain lights. This protects you against a fire hazard.

Consider a surge protector if you have dozens of lights plugged in, and be mindful of children and pets who may play with, pull on or damage the lights. Talk to a handyman for assistance with hanging string lights from the ceiling, outdoors, or if you just need an extra set of hands.

So, have you decided to get a set of battery operated fairy lights? Let us know by giving us a call today. Our friendly team is standing by for your questions!

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