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Christmas Inflatables

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There is nothing that is more effective at bringing Christmas cheer to your home and neighborhood than a life-size Christmas inflatable. With various designs and sizes, you can easily find one that will suit your style preference and budget here at Outbax.

Our inflatable Christmas decorations are made from sturdy materials that are also easy to set up. Every package comes with the proper accessories to keep your decorations in place, and have an LED light inside so it is brightly illuminated at night time.

If there was ever a time to go all out on holiday joyfulness - Christmas is IT. And inflatable Christmas decorations make it super easy to do. Holiday inflatables take a lot of the work and fuss out of creating a spectacular holiday display in your front yard. People love these because as they drive by, it gives them a dose of seasonal cheer. Depending on the size of your yard, you can create a focal point with one large holiday inflatable or an entire holiday display with multiple inflatable Christmas decorations.

To get the greatest - and longest - enjoyment from your inflatables, there are a few tips and tricks to displaying them:

Pick the Right Spot.

For the biggest impact, you want to make sure you have enough room so that your yard - however large or small - does not seem crowded. (Sometimes less is more!) Check the outdoor space you have and measure it before you buy an inflatable. There should be enough space between the inflatables that they aren 't hitting each other if the wind kicks up. They should also be far enough from trees so that there 's no risk of branches puncturing them. Wherever you set up the inflatable should also be close enough to an outlet, and even then you 'll probably need to have an outdoor extension cord.

Pay Attention to the Fan

The fan is critical to keeping the inflatable upright and looking good, so be sure that it 's positioned properly. You 'll need to make sure there 's nothing near the fan that might hinder the air flowing into the fan. This ensures that not only will your figure inflate properly, but there won 't be anything in the way to impede the airflow and cause the fan to overheat.

Secure them!

Inflatable Christmas decorations must be secured so they don 't blow away. All of them generally come with tethers included so that you can secure the inflatable to the ground. Tethering them to the ground after they are inflated will help your decorations keep the proper shape and stay secure even when the winds blow. It will also help if you keep them inflated for limited periods. In fact, many manufacturers recommend that you unplug them after eight hours to keep the blower in top shape.

A Little Maintenance Helps

Inflatable Christmas decorations are generally made from nylon or other synthetic materials that are durable and waterproof. This means that they are fine to sit out in the rain or snow, although you 'll want to avoid placing them where puddles typically form. If you have difficulties keeping them inflated in wet weather, try unplugging the inflatable and bringing it indoors so that it can dry out. When conditions improve, put it back outside. Bringing them inside before a heavy snowstorm is also typically recommended. Finally, if the temperature turns truly frigid, these decorations might not stay inflated.

If you happen to get a hole or tear in your inflatable Christmas decoration, it can be repaired with the patch kit that came with the inflatable or with heavy-duty tape, like duct tape or packaging tape. Sometimes, you can apply the tape from the inside of the inflatable, which makes it far less noticeable.

Finally, if your inflatables get dirty, just wipe them clean with a damp cloth and a little dishwashing soap if necessary.

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