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Icicle Christmas Lights

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Christmas is fast approaching-have you plotted your Christmas light decorations already? If not, then you need to try displaying icicle Christmas lights this year. Sure, they're a little older than other decorative lights available today, but this one has a timeless beauty that will instantly liven up any part of your home. 

Icicle Christmas lights are perfect for snowy, winter wonderland-themed holiday decorations inside and outside your house. You can hang a bunch of solar icicle lights on your backyard trees, use them to line your roof edges, weave them around shrubs, and more. They offer several decorating options and most of them are easy to arrange, ideal for the busy, festive season. 

While there are many types of Christmas icicle lights, the most common ones would be string lights. These are wires holding a series of lights that would vary in length, hanging from 10cm to 40cm. Warm white icicle lights are the most popular in terms of colour, since they blend well in almost any area and mimic the snow icicle look best. 

Head out now and buy your own set of icicle lights. You can instantly buy Bunnings icicle lights, icicle lights Kmart, or any other store you would like to visit. Here at Outbax, we also have a section for holiday lights and ornaments. Check out our variety of solar Xmas lights, pre lit Christmas trees, inflatable Christmas decorations, and more!

What Are the Best Types of Icicle Christmas Lights?

As mentioned earlier, you have tons of choices when it comes to icicle Christmas lights. These are one of the most versatile holiday lights, so you're sure to have loads of fun mixing and matching them along with other lights and ornaments. 

Below are some of the best indoor and outdoor Christmas icicle lights you can go for this year:

Classic String Icicle Lights

Nothing beats classic so if you're unsure or would like something simple, drop some icicle string lights on your fences and windows. This will instantly add charm to your entire household, so be generous with the number of lights you display!

Solar Icicle Lights

Thinking of lighting up your outdoor space with solar garden lights? Solar icicle lights are your best pick! These are not just beautiful-they're energy efficient and eco-friendly too. Pair them with other solar Christmas lights for a dazzling overall look. 

Dripping Icicle Lights

If you love the holiday snow and would love for it to be part of your Christmas decorations, try hanging some dripping icicle lights on you're roof's edges. They'll look like frozen ice crystals and will look amazing with other snow-themed ornaments like an inflatable snowman or a frosty, traditional Christmas tree

Curtain-Style Icicle Lights

Go all out with your icicle fairy lights and get these long strings of them for a "curtain" effect perfect for walls, entryways, and staircases! Curtain-style icicle Christmas lights will give any home a shower of twinkles that everyone is sure to appreciate.  

White Icicle Lights

These lights are the perfect finishing touch for any white Christmas-themed space. If you want a pop of colour, you can add in some blue icicle lights in between them or shine a LED laser Christmas light on them for a mix of traditional holiday hues.

Where Can You Place Icicle Christmas Lights?

One of the best things about icicle Christmas lights is that you can create an entire arrangement of holiday decorations from them alone. Want a Christmas tree with lights? Hang them on your backyard trees or around your holiday tree. You don't even have to install nails all the time just to hang them since you can use adhesive hooks, staples, or even tape instead. 

Christmas icicle lights are usually found on gutters and if you want this kind of setup, there are gutter hooks available in most local stores that will be perfect for hanging them. They are also S-shaped, so you can thread another type of decorative light on one end to style it up!

These light strings are typically placed in fences as well. If you have an outdoor or above ground pool with a fence around it, you can hang your icicle lights on that too, or use them to line your porches. They're the perfect outdoor Christmas lights but have their own charm when placed indoors too. 

If you're adding icicle Christmas lights inside your house, you can put them up on bare walls with clear tape or by your curtains for a glowing effect on your windows. There are just so many creative setups you can go for! Worried about your electricity consumption? Choose solar LED icicle lights for a winning energy efficiency that will keep those monthly bills from blowing up.

Why Are My Icicle Christmas Lights Not Working?

Non-functioning icicle lights can be caused by one faulty bulb, a problem with your plug, and other technical issues. If you happen to encounter this, knowing the basic troubleshooting steps will help you out big time and might even save you from buying a new set of lights. 

Step 1: Check if your outlet is supplying power by plugging in another appliance to see if it's receiving electricity. 

Step 2: Get the light strand farthest from the outlet, unplug it, and see if the rest of the lights power up. Sometimes, a bad strand can cause issues with the rest of the light strings, so taking them out of the bunch would be the easiest solution. 

Step 3: Examine each strand for a bad bulb once you've removed the damaged strand. Gently press each bulb into the socket and plug in the strand to see if they're going to work. If they do, your problem is solved and you can carry on with decorating!

Step 4: If the line remains dark, move to the second strand closest to the outlet. Observe what happens to the other light strings each time you test out one and keep repeating the process until you find which strand has a problem.

Step 5: Still not working after testing out your strands? Check your extension cord if you have one and try replacing it with another one. Better go with something you're already using to ensure it functions well.

Get your icicle Christmas lights early this year and start decorating for the holiday season! Have a look at our Christmas lights sale at Outbax for stunning rope lights, motif lights, and more! Our holiday decorations are both impressive and easy to set up so you can spend more time on your other Christmas activities. 

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