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Solar Candy Cane Lights

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Thinking of going green while making sure your home and yard is properly decked this holiday season? Here at Outbax, you can choose from our range of solar Christmas lights that will suit any design preference or budget.

If you are here and you are buying solar candy cane lights and other outdoor Christmas decorations, you might want to check out some helpful information about why solar Christmas lights and outdoor decorations are the way to go this year and onwards.

The transition from electric to solar is everywhere around us.

In the wake of Christmas, most home and business owners use electric energy and conventional fuels for their decoration and illumination. From villages to rural areas, this type of energy spending emits a lot of greenhouse gases into nature and directly opposes the environmentally-friendly concept that we are all trying to live up to.

This is where solar Christmas lights come to play-as a more sustainable way of lighting, decoration and illumination-and a way that allows us to fight against climate change.

The advantages of solar Christmas lights (And statistics)

According to statistics, the earth takes 174 petawatts of incoming solar radiation in the upper atmosphere-and roughly 30% of it is reflected back to space while the rest is absorbed by oceans, clouds and landmasses. In that manner, solar power is the most exciting use of solar energy. It is also one that comes without a price and is a sustainable source of energy.

Believe it or not, there are already many types of solar lights for Christmas which you can use as decorations, in displays and homes. Before we reveal some of the best types of solar Christmas lights, it is worth to mention that this type of lighting offers:

Convenience: You 're never going to worry about your Christmas lights going out.

Safety: You won 't be dealing with any dangerous extension cords that run across your yard or lights.

Quality: Solar LED Christmas lights last 10 times compared to traditional lights and don't have any filaments resulting in breaking or burning them out easily.

Eco-friendly: Solar lights will not cause any polluting gas emissions.

Simple to set up: You won 't have to worry about cords or power lights-instead, you will be able to decorate places that you haven 't been able to reach.

Free energy: You won 't need an electrical outlet-solar lets you lower your electricity bill with a low-carbon Christmas.

Types of solar lights you can use for a low-carbon Christmas

A conventional Christmas light bulb uses 0.425 watts each. When spaced apart at an average of 6”, this is 300 bulbs or around 127 watts in total. If you use the lights from 6 PM to 11 PM every day for the entire month of December, this translates to total energy use of 19.7 kWh. In ten years ' time, this means that you have spent around $25 for ten years. Still, the example refers to only one (indoor) setting. On a larger scale or for more inside and outside Christmas decorations, it obviously adds up to greater costs.

Homeowners find solar lights as a great option for their outdoor areas, mostly because they don 't involve any cords or types of electricity whatsoever. They let you reach even the highest places and are a great option to decorate your home.

However, the real benefit here comes with the fact that solar lights are great for the environment. They are more earth-friendly than plug-in varieties and you can see that roughly,

Where to use your Christmas solar lights for decoration?
Nowadays, there are tons of different options when it comes to solar Christmas lights. Aside from the fact that this type of lights is affordable (and often cheaper than standard lights), it is also one that pays itself off in the long run.

By using no energy at all, you are basically getting lighting for free and avoiding to give off as much heat and carbon dioxide as other bulbs do. With a longer lifespan, going solar is a popular option now.

If you are not sure where you can use your solar Christmas lights, the general idea is that they are best used as:

Solar string lights: You can literally hang these on your walls, around your fences, on your door, and near your walkway. They are great when they hang and can be the best string lights that you ever bought without any cords or electricity.

Christmas tree lights: You can get a string of solar Christmas lights to place on your Christmas tree. A great benefit here is that for the first time, you won 't be looking for a corner that has a plug-in for your cords. Instead, you can place your Christmas tree literally anywhere and really benefit from going solar.

Rope lights: Ropes are also great when decorating your fences, walkways, gardens and other outdoor areas. They are well protected too, which means that you can use them literally anywhere where you want.

Decoration lights: You can buy pieces of decorations powered by solar energy and use them in different areas of your home. For instance, there are these nice solar-powered flower lights that can be used as your outside Christmas decorations that really live up to the harmony of the jolly season wherever they are placed.

Pathway lights: This type of solar lighting is great for burying in the ground. The best use of this solar-type is for walkways and gardens, where you can literally create different outdoor decorations, forms and shapes by buying sets of these lights.

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