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Solar Panel Blankets

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Solar power is harnessing the heat and light from the sun and converts it into electricity. It’s not a brand-new technology but over recent years we have seen stride after stride accomplished in the solar industry as manufacturers try to make the most efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solar cells and panels possible.

The result has been a steady introduction of panels that now work as portable solar panels meaning that they're just as efficient at making energy but super easy to move around, pack up or carry with you.

We’re committed to bringing our customers the very best and the most affordable camping and caravanning products that we can, and we have been particularly interested in sourcing the highest-performing energy products that we can find.

The reason? Because we are expert 4WD and camping specialists who know what we want from portable power products but struggled to find them before we started Outbax.

When we did finally come across the portable generators, power stations and inverter generators that we believed were actually efficient and affordable, we made sure that we could share them with the rest of Australia.

We now bring our entire range of products directly to customers for a fraction of their recommended retail price and most of our products come with free shipping to metropolitan areas Australia-wide.

What is the Best Solar Blanket?

Folding solar panels like the folding solar blanket come with their own bag and carry case, meaning that you can chuck them into your 4WD, store them in the caravan or motor home, or even throw them into your hiking bag for long treks on foot.

Not all solar blankets are exactly the same and there are variations in size and power depending on what you need your portable solar blanket to charge or power and how you intend to transport it.

When it comes to solar panels you have the option of fixed or flexible panels. Fixed panels are typically caravan solar panels that have been mounted to the top of the caravan, motorhome, or 4WD.

While these types of panels mean that you don’t have to set anything up when you arrive at your intended destination, it does mean that you run the risk of losing up to 20% of their power generation.

If you’re in the position where you need to park your vehicle in permanent shade, or you aren’t able to shift the position of your vehicle throughout the day then you’re likely to miss all of that vital sun exposure we receive throughout the day. The portable solar blanket solves that problem for you.

Are Solar Blankets Any Good?

Traditional solar panels can be quite brittle and easily broken but solar blankets are made specifically to be more flexible and able to stand up to harder use. This makes them perfect for life on the road and for holidaying.

You can afford to be a little less gentle with them and they are designed to be easily packed away and stored or carried. If you’re interested in entirely replacing your current solar setup, then you may want to consider exactly what you expect to power from your solar blanket.

With wattage capacity available up to 250W, a solar blanket may make for a better supplement to a full solar power system rigged up to your 4WD, caravan, or motorhome rather than a full replacement.

Because they’re so portable and easy to set up, you can whip them out to increase your power capture for the day or take them on short trips away from your caravan.

A solar blanket can be laid out on almost any surface and, depending on the type you purchase, it may even include fixed panels within the blanket which make it possible to stand up some of the panels and optimize how you capture your sunlight.

While there is some setup time required, it’s a lot less than you would expect. Our range of high-quality solar blankets is designed to be quickly installed and connected to your battery, ready to start charging immediately.

Our range of solar blankets is also constructed using monocrystalline solar cells which work best when exposed to direct sunlight but can be used in low light and even rainy conditions.

This type of solar cell is also perfect for capturing as much power as possible and is capable of charging any battery from lead-acid batteries, deep cycle batteries, and lithium batteries.

The better the warranty and guarantee on a solar blanket, the more confident you can be that they’re a high-performing unit and our 250W folding solar blanket comes with a 25-year performance warranty.

Can a Solar Blanket Get Wet?

Solar panels, and solar blankets, are going to be exposed directly to the weather so they must be able to handle a light drizzle at the very least.

Fortunately, our range of solar blankets available to purchase online is made with high-density material with high light transmission and aging resistance.

The new composite polymer material used to construct the panels is corrosion resistant and it offers you half the weight of other solar panels.

When they are folded down completely, they’re lightweight and easy to carry anywhere you need them to be. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for all setups to ensure that rain doesn’t affect your regulator or your battery.

You also receive everything that you need to immediately start using your solar blanket to charge your batteries including alligator clips and all cables required.

If you’re not sure whether the solar blanket is the right product for you and your needs, then please feel free to get in touch with our customer service team.

We are experts across our entire range of products, and we will happily walk you through all of the available options you have to order online.

Simply give us a call, send an email inquiry, or engage a customer service representative online through our website directly.

Order from our complete range of power products, including solar blankets and solar accessories, online right now. We process our orders within 24 hours of having received them and offer free shipping to metro areas across Australia on almost all of our product ranges.

If you need solar panels and blankets fast from a quality supplier committed to keeping costs as low as possible then order from Outbax today.

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