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Christmas Rope Lights

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Are you planning to have a full-on Christmas lights display this year? Make sure to add Christmas rope lights to your decorative twinkles collection. These light strips may be a lot simpler than other dazzling lights on the market, but they're the perfect type for accentuating certain areas of your home without overdoing it. 

Christmas rope lights can either be incandescent or LED. These come encased in PVC with floating electrical connections that allow them to be twisted like neon or motif lights. They cannot form sharp angles though, but are great for making curved ornaments-you can coil them on trees, make your very own Merry Christmas rope light greeting, or a couple of candy cane rope lights.  

You can also cut rope Christmas lights but keep in mind that you can only do so at intervals with a cut mark, which ranges from 18 to 56 inches. If you're purchasing multiple spools of Xmas rope lights, you'll have to check this as each style and colour have different distances between the cut marks.

Like other plug-in or solar Christmas trees, LED is superior when it comes to rope lights. For one, LED rope Christmas lights consume about 1 watt per foot of lighting, compared to the 3 watts of light per foot that incandescent rope lights use. They also stay cool to touch due to the silicon-based technology of LED rope lights that do not generate heat during operation. 

Plan out your holiday decorations and get your Christmas rope lights now. You can very easily find Bunnings rope lights, Kmart rope lights, and even online rope lights. At Outbax, we also have them in different colours, with some even shaped as your favourite characters already!

Where Can You Use Christmas Rope Lights?

Christmas rope lights are versatile, making them one of the best ambient lighting options for both indoors and outdoors. For one, light ropes and strings are the perfect matches for outside spaces, especially gardens or backyards. Wrap your lighted ropes around tree trunks and dangle strands of outdoor fairy lights on the branches for a magical effect. You can also use them as Christmas tree lights or around pillars and railings!

You can also use it to add a bit of light to pathways and landscapes. These will make stunning solar garden lights when placed around flower beds, on the lawn, and even on your little greenery's walkways. Christmas rope lights boast a simple beauty that will look stunning when placed in bare areas like architectural features and open spaces. Pair them with an outstanding piece like a few inflatable Christmas decorations for the most festive arrangement in the neighbourhood.

Perhaps the most common use of rope lights is for lining houses. This is where you'll often see them and they definitely do the job of making homes stand out impressively. Whether you want a multi-colour outline of your house or a single-colour hue, these holiday lights are just what you need!

How Do You Hang Christmas Rope Lights?

Christmas rope lights don't require much during setup. However, it would be helpful to familiarise yourself first with its components. These decorative lights are made up of 4 main parts: the power cord, power connector, rope lights, and end cap. 

The power cord is used to plug the rope lights into the outlet and switch them on, while the connector is comprised of metal pins that insert into the power cord, connecting it to the rope light. Last but not the least, the end cap serves to terminate the run of your string lights and helps protect them from damage as well. 

Now on to the hanging process-this is mostly straightforward-and can be done in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Determine where you want to hang your lights and measure them for the perfect fit. Consider the installation clips you might be adding to the space as well. 

Step 2: Size up your Christmas rope lights. You can actually put smaller strings of it together, but it's usually better to buy a bigger bunch of rope lighting for convenience and flexibility. 

Step 3: Install your cable clips and secure them with nails. Pro tip: allow a 6-inch space in between clips and nail them halfway only, so you can still slide them up and down as needed.

Step 4: Position your rope Christmas lights inside the cable clips or slide through them, depending on what kind of design layout you want. 

Step 5: Secure the clips and hammer the nails all the way down but avoid nailing them too tight to avoid crushing the rope lights. 

Step 6: Plug your lights in. If you want extra convenience with this part, opt for solar rope lights instead so you won't have to deal with working your way to the nearest outlet anymore. 

Step 7: Examine your lights one more time, turn them on, and enjoy!

Why Do Christmas Rope Lights Fail?

Faulty setup

Check your Christmas rope lights setup. It could be malfunctioning due to a bad pin connection or incorrect cutting. See to it that the pin is centred into each hole and touches the internal wiring because a crooked insertion can cause a short circuit too. Also, make sure you only cut the rope at appropriate cut marks using wire cutters to avoid jagged edges. 

Power source issue

Whether you have rope lights outdoor, inside the house, or a rope light Christmas tree, you should never underpower or overpower them. For example, using a 12V driver or transformer for a  24V rope light will result in either flickering, dim, or entirely faulty lights. 

Broken wiring

Don't ignore that crackling sound while your Christmas rope lights are running. This could be a sign of broken wires, especially since lighted ropes tend to be twisted and bent a lot. Have it checked first to prevent damaging your entire lighting system and for safety measures as well.

Blown fuse

Be careful not to overload your circuit, since this can cause your power cord to blow its fuse. You can fix this though, as most power cords have a section that slides out in case you need to replace the blackened fuse.


Try to keep your Christmas rope lights away from direct sunlight. Too much exposure to heat can warp the plastic casing, which can lead to early lighting failures. 

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