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LED Lit Christmas Trees

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LED lit Christmas trees can either be traditional Christmas trees adorned with LED lights or pre lit Christmas trees with built-in LED lights. Either way, they look amazing against a backdrop of lush green leaves and are perfect whether placed indoors or outdoors. 

What is so special about LED? Aside from a gorgeous variety of colours, LED Christmas lights offer several advantages over the usual incandescent lights in terms of safety, efficiency, and service life. This is also the reason why more and more homeowners have been switching to it over the years. After all, who wouldn't want to enjoy their lighted Christmas tree and overall holiday decorations worry-free?

If you're planning to switch to LED lit Christmas trees this year, you're in luck. These twinkles have taken over almost all stores selling Christmas light trees, solar Christmas lights, and other solar outdoor Christmas decorations. A single type of "LED Christmas trees Bunnings" or “Christmas trees LED” will bring up tons of results from the nearest outlets so you can head out immediately and get yours. 

You also have several online options. For instance, at Outbax, you can get both a pre lighted Christmas tree and a variety of solar Xmas lights to adorn your entire home with. We're talking about quality solar LED lights here, along with different kinds of solar panels that are tested to deliver maximum efficiency.

What Are the Advantages of LED Lit Christmas Trees?

Let's delve more into the benefits you can get with LED Christmas trees. For one, there's no need to stress about next month's electricity bill with this. Opting for LED lit Christmas trees is far more energy efficient and cost-effective-these twinkles use about 75% less energy! 

Plus, they last 25 times longer than their incandescent counterparts, which means more savings for both the short and long term. Make them LED solar powered Christmas lights and you're sure to get great value for your money.

Unlike conventional Christmas tree lights, LED Christmas lights stay cool to touch, making them safer, especially for homes with children and pets. They are also less susceptible to starting fires so you can rest assured that your decorative lights setup won't turn into a disaster. 

Christmas is usually busy for a lot of people. If you want to save time and still have an impressive holiday tree, go for a pre lit LED Christmas tree. All you have to do is prep the area you're going to put it in and you have a lush, festive tree ready to greet your guests. Since these are artificial Christmas trees, you can even use them as a lighted outdoor Christmas tree as it is more durable and can withstand most outdoor conditions. 

If you happen to use a traditional holiday tree with LED Christmas lights coiled around it, maintenance is not a problem as well. These are made of plastic and require minimal fuss during storage, allowing you to skip the task of covering each bulb one by one to make sure they don't get broken.

How Long Do LED Lit Christmas Trees Really Last?

The lifespan of LED lit Christmas trees depends on a lot of factors aside from the Christmas lights. Definitely, pre lit artificial Christmas trees will last longer and can be reused for more seasons as long as you maintain them properly. 

As for the LED Christmas tree lights, a lot of providers would usually boast about how long their service life is. The usual claims would be that they last up to 75,000 hours, which is not exactly a lie since the diodes of LED offer an impressively lengthy lifespan. However, Christmas lights are more than just diodes and are used in entirely different settings compared to a laboratory-protected environment, on which the claim was based. 

Excessive statements regarding the longevity of Christmas outdoor lights including LED are rampant, with some even going as far as saying that theirs can last for 20 years! If you want an honest answer and in a simpler form, good quality LED string lights will last for about 6 to 7 seasons.

It's a pretty decent timeframe, considering that you're only going to use it for a couple of months per year. If you're the type who leaves their lights displayed even after the holidays, then this 7-year lifespan can be reduced to around 2 years only.

Opting for cheaper LED Christmas lights might sound good, but these are likely to have a shorter life and in worst cases, may only last for just one season before completely failing to operate.

Why do LED Lit Christmas Trees Stop Working?

There are a number of reasons why your LED Lit Christmas trees are having issues. Below are some of the most common ones:

Power supply problems

Check if your power supply is working correctly either with a voltmeter or by plugging other appliances in it. If your voltage level is less than the originally rated voltage, you might have a malfunctioning power supply. Also, see to it that your power supply's voltage is compatible with your LED strip. 

Bad bulb

This is perhaps the common culprit when it comes to LED Christmas light issues. This can be a long process though and would be easier if only a section of light goes out instead of the entire strand. You can also try inspecting the strings for any loose light bulbs. 

Short circuits

Short circuits are more common if you are soldering your own wires because there is a higher chance of the positive and negative terminals coming in contact. Check for visible signs of short circuits by examining your entire LED strip connections to ensure that the wires are well-separated.

Insufficient charge

If you're using LED solar Christmas lights like solar fairy lights, icicle Christmas lights, or rope lights, see to it that they are fully topped off during the day via solar panels. Unfavourable weather such as rainy days may affect charging efficiency, so you might have little to no charge by the time evening comes and you have to run the lights already. 


Lack of maintenance can cause corrosion in your battery terminal. In this case, you might have to change your power pack, try to clean it or replace your entire set of LED lights depending on how much damage is there. 

Switch to LED Lit Christmas trees this year and see the difference! Forget searching "LED Christmas tree Australia" and browse through our available pre lit Christmas trees at Outbax instead. We even have a variety of LED lights to choose from so whether you want a fairy lights tree or a lighted outdoor Christmas tree, we got you covered!

The holidays are also all about enjoying the outdoors. It's time to get started with those outing plans, so you might want to see what we have in the camping gear section. We have camping batteries and inverter generators there to keep your trips powered up and as comfortable as ever, plus a few leisure items like spas too!

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