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What Size Generator for House

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Whether you are connected to mains electricity or running your home off-grid, you may be considering a generator purchase for your home and, therefore, what size generator for a house you should buy. There are many types and sizes of generators, so it 's important to know about the differences and what they are able to offer.

As far as what type or what size generator for a house is concerned, there are basically two kinds: (1) backup portable generators, which can be wheeled out and started up via a manual transfer switch when the need arises, or (2) permanently installed standby generators that will kick in automatically once the power goes out. It 's also important to remember that it 's slightly different from using a compact 2000w generator for camping. For safety reasons, get informed and read the manuals - even better, contact an electrician.

What size generator do I need for my house?

It 's really up to you to decide what size generator for a house you need. This is because you can decide what load you will draw down from the generator by thinking about what appliances, devices or equipment you will need to keep running if there is a power outage. Alternatively, if you are already off-grid, what you will want to keep running while your battery gets recharged. If it 's only the basics, then obviously, you will not need a massive power output. However, if you live in an area that is prone to power outages due to storms and other disasters, then you 'll want something that can run more than a few essentials just in case the outage lasts for days on end, even longer perhaps.

The best way to work it out is to make a list of all the equipment you would want to keep running in an emergency. Then, look at the watt rating for each of those, both for start-up and running watts. Start-up watts are always higher than the running watts. For even the most basic set up, you will need a generator that has the capacity to handle the highest start-up watt rating. You will also need to think about which appliances you will want to run simultaneously, e.g., fridge and lights, so that when you think about what size generator for a house, you are thinking about one that can start and run certain items concurrently. It 's also a good idea to have a little bit more power so as to be sure there is sufficient voltage. This will avoid a brownout and subsequent damage to equipment.

As mentioned, a more portable generator may be stored and brought out for emergencies. Therefore, think seriously about what size generator for a house you will need in terms of the dimensions and weight of a portable model because it will need to be taken to a well-ventilated exterior location before you can start it up and connect it. In this case, erring on the smaller side for home use might be a good idea. However, if the generator is going to be permanently installed and doesn 't have to be brought out of storage, you can get a much larger-sized model.

How to connect a generator to a house?

After deciding what size generator for a house you 'll need, you 'll be looking into how to connect a generator to your home. For this, get professional help. There is risk of fire and electrocution when dealing with an electric current, so it 's essential to be careful. At the very least, you will need a manual transfer switch and an inlet box hook up - both of which will need to be installed by an electrician. A larger standby generator that will be permanently installed and connected to the home is also a job for an electrician as it involves connection to the mains. An electrician will also need to install an automatic transfer switch, which is the device that recognises that the mains power has gone out and switches over to generator power.

Before connecting a generator on a manual switch, it needs to be started up. If it runs on fuel such as petrol or diesel, it also needs to be filled first, so make sure you have fresh fuel on hand as stale fuel that has been left in the tank or stored is not good for the engine. Never refuel a generator when it is hot.

Where can I buy a good generator for my house?

If you are in need of a quality generator for your home, and you are wondering what size generator for a house you need, then check out the range at Outbax. Got questions about generator size or generator usage? Our customer service team will be happy to help with any information you need. Whether it is an auto start generator for home, a small generator for camping or a generator for a caravan, we have a generator to suit your power needs. From a petrol generator to a battery generator or even marine generators, we can supply you with the right equipment.

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