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Generator for Caravan

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Getting out on the road with your caravan or RV and heading off on a camping adventure is a great feeling. A generator for a caravan can add a little luxury to your trip by offering a useful backup power supply when you are heading out to places that are off-grid. With a generator for a caravan, you can go wherever you choose and still have the power to charge your phone or make some good coffee. For your camping or caravan adventures, the best model of generator is going to be an inverter generator.

These are fuel-driven - using petrol - but tend to be more quiet than standard fuel-driven generators. This is because they produce electricity differently, producing power in smooth waves and being a cleaner power supply with the capacity to adjust up and down depending on the load. Battery generators offer some power, but generally not enough for a large amount of appliances.

What size generator do I need for a caravan?

A generator for caravans can come in all shapes and sizes and with different power sources. When choosing one to purchase that is right for your caravan, it 's best first to decide what you will use it for and the space you have to spare.

A generator comes in a range of wattages - with the higher watts meaning more power and more capacity to run the appliances you want to use. One way to gauge a generator 's power output is by its kVA rating. However, it may also be rated in KW or watts. You will need to consider what amount of power you need to draw down for your appliances to help you decide the size of your generator in watts. A laptop or a phone will need a very low wattage load, but if you want to run a microwave, that will draw down a lot of power. Overall - something in the range of upwards of a 2000w generator should fit the bill. If you want to run an air-conditioner, a small generator for camping may not be sufficient, so you are going to need more power, but also will need to check out the AC manual for further advice.

Inverter generators tend to be pretty compact in size, which is ideal for a generator for a caravan. That said, some are not exactly portable in the true sense of the word, although others are highly portable and easy to stash in your caravan. You may need to think about who will help you lift it and also about getting it refuelled. This will include thinking about the storage of fuel which you may need to take with you. However, if you want some serious action for your RV, for example, there are larger vehicle-mounted generators which run on diesel.

How to connect a generator to a caravan?

Using a generator requires a safety-first mentality as this is electrical equipment and therefore can be very dangerous, so make sure you are knowledgeable about all the safety issues. A fuel-powered generator for a caravan needs to be used outside only, but it also needs to be protected and kept dry and away from sparks or flame. Also - never touch any part of the unit with wet, bare hands. You also need to make sure that the place where you are camping allows generators as there are many places around Australia, such as national parks, that may not.

Once that is sorted, then you can get connected. It 's a very good idea to earth your generator for a caravan. Still, it is absolutely essential to refer to your motorhome or caravan handbook to read about how to connect that specific model to a generator. Some key things to remember are that you need to make sure your caravan is compatible with generator output before you even think about connecting a generator and that if you do connect one, that the caravan 's mains isolator is turned off before starting up the generator.

How long will the generator last?

Part of the answer to this question depends on how well you take care of your generator for a caravan. Like any other engine, it is going to need to be carefully maintained to get the maximum lifespan. To keep it running well, you should run it for a short period of time every month, check fuel lines, engine oil, and spark plugs and clean the air filter. Keep it somewhere that 's not cold but not too hot, as generators last longer if kept at an even temperature. It is estimated that a portable generator will have a lifespan of between 1000 and 2000 hours overall. Still, that will vary depending on the individual specifications, maintenance, and use of the model.

At Outbax, we have you covered for generators in Mackay to generators in Melbourne - wherever you are, and wherever you want to travel, we have a generator for that. From portable inverter generators to marine generators, check out our range online.

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