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When you need a portable and reliable power supply for your camping trip, for industrial use on your building site or for a food truck, for example, you might be looking to buy a generator petrol. You might also be considering one to buy as a backup in case of an electricity outage. A petrol generator is a type of generator that uses petrol to run, converting petrol - which is chemical energy - into mechanical energy.  This means that you can run off-grid for hours - even up to 18 hours with some products and brands.

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How does a petrol generator work?

A petrol generator is a device that converts the chemical energy of petrol into electrical energy. This is accomplished through an extremely efficient process of rotary motion which sets up an electromagnetic field inside a coil. The fuel causes the engine to turn, and this activates the on-board alternator. The alternator works via a belt and a rotor shaft, which then generate electricity. A petrol generator will be made with power outlets meaning that you can plug whatever it is you need to power up - tools, camping equipment, appliances - directly into it. Take care not to overload the generator, though and stay within the output rating.

A generator using petrol must have enough fuel to operate, so it 's always a good idea to check the fuel levels and flow before starting the generator petrol to get the right amount of fuel to the engine. Generally speaking, the bigger the engine, the larger the amount of electricity output in watts. One way to check out the power of your petrol generator is to look at the kVA rating. The higher the kVA rating, the more power you are going to get. 

Petrol generators also have a control panel, which allows the user to adjust the voltage, electrical current and frequency. It also has a battery and a battery charger. The battery helps the generator start, so if the battery is not in good condition or not charged, your generator will not start. To avoid this, you need to maintain the battery.

What are the benefits of using a petrol generator?

The first benefit of a portable petrol generator is the obvious; that it runs on petrol, which is readily available at service stations across the country. That means that it is unlikely that you will be stuck without fuel no matter where you are heading on your camping trip.  

When compared with a diesel generator, a petrol generator has a number of advantages; generally, they are quieter than diesel, and they also emit less carbon dioxide. Overall, petrol generators are more likely to be available as smaller and more portable models, making them a bit more of a flexible choice as they will be easier to take with you. That makes good sense if you are looking for a small generator for camping. They are often cheaper to buy too.

How do you set up a petrol generator?

As with any technology that involves the use of petrol, there are a number of safety issues concerning petrol generators, so you need to take care when setting them up to stay safe and avoid serious injury.  Firstly it is important to avoid static electricity as this can cause sparks which can cause a fire. When you fill your generator, make sure you are using containers and funnels that are suitable for fuel use. It 's also really important to have a fire extinguisher on hand in case of fire. To avoid any issues with the release of vapours, make sure that your generator is not in a low-lying area and that it is well-ventilated. That means definitely no generators inside your caravan, for example, or anywhere inside for that matter. It should also be kept away from heat sources and definitely away from smoke or naked flames. Also, if you need to move your generator at any time, you need to be sure that the cap on the petrol container is on properly and that the motor is cool.

Once you have the generator located in a safe spot and the correct equipment, you can get started.  First, the engine will need to have oil added. This needs to be done when your generator is standing upright. Again - make sure you have the right kind of funnel to oil the engine. After that, you can add fuel to the fuel tank, fuel which must be clean, unmixed and unleaded petrol - no diesel in a petrol generator! Don 't use the same funnel as for the oil as this will taint the petrol. Once your generator is filled with petrol, then it is ready to be used - providing you with portable and reliable power.

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