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Small Deep Cycle Battery

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Seasoned campers and regular battery users know how many benefits are presented by deep cycle batteries. Can you imagine how much more incredible it would be if there were small deep cycle batteries? Luckily, there are available ones indeed! Australia houses several battery providers and you can actually find small AGM deep cycle batteries or lithium batteries from some of them. Now, a small deep cycle battery can both refer to its external size or its amp-hour capacity so see to it that you know exactly which type you're looking for before heading to the battery shop

Small deep cycle batteries are most beneficial as it helps save space in your RV, campsite, or boat. They're built for long-lasting use, so getting a smaller version would mean extended hours of reliable power without cramping your available space. Another thing is that these batteries are extremely portable so you won't have any problems bringing them to any outdoor adventures. 

Interested in getting a small deep cycle battery? Make sure you'll be able to get the most out of it by finding out whether this is the suitable power pack for you. We have a few good suggestions on which ones to buy as well, so keep reading to learn more about available small deep cycle batteries near you!

Are Small Deep Cycle Batteries Right For You?

Standard deep cycle batteries for camping that come in a 12V battery pack are pretty much the same, whether they are small deep cycle batteries or regular-sized. However, if you're using deep cycle marine batteries, you need to pay a little bit more attention to sizing. Batteries used for boats would usually have their group size label at the bottom part, which was set by the Battery Council International (BCI)

This group size mainly pertains to the battery pack's physical dimensions such as length and weight. The general rule here for deep cycle batteries is that the higher the group size, the more amount of amp-hours it has. For marine batteries, battery group sizes should have an "M" in them. 

Let's have an example for a better understanding. If you compare a 24M and 27M battery group size, you'd see that the former pack has increased capacity than the latter. It's also bigger in dimensions, so if you're looking for small deep cycle batteries for boats, better go for those with smaller group size numbers such as 24M batteries. 

Of course, it's also crucial that your battery is sized properly in terms of capacity. Getting stuck on a boat with no power can be scary-this is definitely not the adventure you want to experience. Try to pack something with ample power or you can even add an extra power source like a marine inverter generator. When it comes to batteries, most outdoor junkies go for a 100Ah deep cycle battery. Still, if you have more appliances on board, it might be better to go for a 200Ah deep cycle battery instead or something with an even higher capacity. 

Are Small Deep Cycle Batteries Any Good?

Small deep cycle batteries do not differ from any other deep cycle batteries except for size. These are still your long-lasting power packs-just in an extra-portable form. If you're a first-time deep cycle battery user, the highlight of this is being able to use your battery at up to 80% of its capacity, unlike conventional lead-acid batteries that can only be discharged by 50%. 

A deep cycle battery also wins in lifespan with up to a decade of service life. Want even better quality for backup or camping power? Go for lithium deep cycle batteries such as LiFePO4 batteries. These batteries combine longevity and added efficiency with their built-in battery management system (BMS) that helps optimise your battery cells. 

This integrated BMS is also responsible for protecting your deep cycle battery from common issues like overheating, overcharging, and short circuits to further extend its lifespan. Deep cycle battery prices can be quite expensive, especially lithium-based ones. While there are cheap deep cycle batteries available, be very careful when going for these since they might be low in quality and you might end up spending more instead. 

What Are Examples of Small Deep Cycle Batteries?

One of the smallest deep cycle batteries in the market is the RELiON 12V 5Ah lithium battery. This is a LiFePO4 battery to be specific and only has half the weight of its lead-acid counterparts. Despite this, it boasts an extended run time and can be used for a wide variety of deep cycle applications such as robotics, solar, and camping.

Small deep cycle batteries can also be those with a slimmer exterior. For instance, our slimline deep cycle batteries here at Outbax are probably one of the best choices you have if space is an issue in your RV or boat. Backed with 20 years of service life, these power packs boast an intelligent balancing function and are equipped with a combo of advanced internal BMS plus prismatic cells for maximum performance with every use. 

If you think these are space-savvy enough, wait till you try our slim blade version. As the name suggests, this battery pack is as slim as a blade with up to 36 batteries in the matrix that last for over 2,000 cycles. Whether you're using it as a camping battery or home battery, this is sure to help run your portable appliances smoothly and leave you with more space for your other essentials.

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