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12v Battery Pack

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It's common for portable batteries to come in 12V packs. Why is this so? 12V battery packs are a convenient size for most power requirements, be it in a vehicle, house, or campsite. This battery also comes in the form of flooded-lead acid batteries, sealed valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, AGM batteries, and lithium batteries. While all of these are still present in today's camping field with AGM being the most popular, the continuous development of lithium batteries led to it being the best one in terms of quality. 

The emergence of lithium iron phosphate batteries or LiFePO4 in particular offered outdoor enthusiasts a modern portable power source that addresses common battery issues in terms of efficiency and safety. For one, these battery packs have increased capacity in a compact, lightweight form so they’re easier to cart around on camping trips. They also have a higher energy density and longer lifespan so, despite the higher battery price, it's actually a great value for your money with 7-10 years of service life. Most importantly, these batteries are incombustible and are equipped with an intelligent battery management system (BMS) for superior cell performance and automatic protection against the usual battery problems. Charging a 12V lithium battery means you won't have to worry about over-voltage, under-voltage, overheating, and short circuits anymore. How awesome is that? This is why more and more campers are switching to this, with some even pairing theirs with solar panels.

Are 12V Battery Packs Safe?

Not all 12V battery packs are safe. Conventional batteries like lead-acid, AGM, or even lithium-ion, are known to catch fire and sometimes even explode. Additionally, flooded lead-acid batteries are also more prone to leakage of harmful chemicals. If you're particular about safety, go for LiFePO4. They are dubbed as the safest batteries in the market, perfect for first-time battery users. LiFePO4 batteries are composed of non-toxic materials and as earlier stated, designed to be incombustible. This means that a 12V LiFePO4 battery or any voltage level for that matter will not catch fire nor explode, even when punctured.

What Can a 12V 100Ah Battery Pack Power?

A 12V 100Ah battery is typically suited for running small to medium-sized appliances such as LED lights, mobile phones, or small appliances via an inverter. If you really need to power large equipment like full-sized fridges, you can try going for a battery with higher capacity or adding another 12V battery and connecting both of them in parallel. Need something that will last for long without requiring a recharge? Buy deep-cycle batteries. These are best for off-grid camping as they can be discharged by up to 80% and still supply you with stable power. Having a 100Ah deep-cycle battery means you can run your appliances and gadgets for an extended period, compared to a 100Ah lead-acid battery which can only be drained until 50%.

Are All 12V Battery Packs the Same?

No. 12V battery packs have different types of maximum currents and capacity. A battery's voltage level does not indicate the current it is capable of supplying under different applications. For instance, when you say cold-cranking amps (CCA), this pertains to the battery's ability to start in cold temperatures. RC or reserve capacity, on the other hand, specifies how long it can power essential accessories on a full charge in case the alternator fails. Lastly, 12V battery packs also differ in terms of C20 capacity. This is expressed in amp-hours and refers to the amount of energy stored in a battery. You could get a 100Ah battery for short camping trips, a 200Ah battery if you want a little extra or even a 400Ah battery for those who have more appliances to power and are staying off-grid.

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With so many 12V batteries available in battery stores and online shops, it can be hard to pick the best one. Fortunately, at Outbax, we have several 12V battery packs to choose from plus a dedicated customer service team to help you out with any concerns. Choose from our available deep-cycle batteries, solar batteries, and even slimline batteries. All of our LiFePO4 packs are suited to withstand outdoor settings, perfect for your next camping trip or boating adventure. Whenever you're in need of a new battery be it batteries in Shepparton or batteries in Yatala, just visit our website and you're sure to find a power pack for you. While you're at it, how about taking a peek at our solar panels and inverter generators too? Happy shopping!

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