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Lithium Battery Review

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They say lithium is the future of batteries. Why? Lithium provides a solution to common battery concerns in both safety and performance. They eliminate the need for traditional, bulky batteries that will tire you up just by hauling them on your RV. Lithium batteries make it possible for outdoor junkies to pack additional power without the extra weight. Want an example? A typical 100Ah AGM battery can weigh up to 38kg, as compared to a lithium battery of the same size which weighs less than 12kg.

How convenient is that? Charging lithium batteries is easier too since they don't require multi-stage charging and are also compatible with solar panel charging. Lastly, if your lithium battery is a deep-cycle battery, it can be discharged for up to 80%, unlike conventional batteries with a 50% depth of discharge rate.

Since we're already talking about lithium batteries, it's a crime not to mention LiFEPO4 or lithium iron phosphate batteries. These are some of the best battery power packs you can get whether as a camping battery, RV lithium battery, or caravan battery. LiFEPO4 may be expensive but the excellent quality and top-notch safety features it provides make it a great investment, especially for avid campers. Among the known LiFEPO4 models in Australia lately is the Voltax 12v 100Ah LiFEPO4 from Outbax. This 12V lithium battery pack is made up of prismatic cells encased in a heavy-duty battery box that withstands harsh weather conditions. Aside from this, Outbax have some pretty good lithium battery reviews that you might want to check out too, in case you 're looking for quality LiFEPO4 at an affordable price.

What Are the Advantages of LiFEPO4?

Consistent voltage: Unlike AGM batteries where the voltage levels constantly fluctuate, LiFEPO4 will always provide the peak power required while in use. It also supplies consistent voltage regardless of the load, which is likely to fall from 13.1 to 12.9V.

Capacity and weight: LiFEPO4 can store thrice the amount of electrical energy provided by conventional batteries. This is perfect for RVs like caravans, camper trailers, and small motorhomes with limited space and weight carrying capacity. Choose a LiFEPO4 on your next trip and you'll never have to worry about running out of power again.

Withstands deep discharges better: Conventional lead-acid and AGM batteries typically last for 500-600 cycles if routinely discharged to 50%. LiFEPO4, on the other hand, can still go for up to 2,000 cycles if constantly discharged to the remaining 20%.

Built-in BMS: LiFEPO4 batteries are known for having an integrated battery management system. This ensures that every cell in your battery is performing optimally. Aside from this, a BMS protects against overcharging or undercharging to avoid common battery issues. It also helps prevent overheating and short circuits for increased user safety.

Safe composition: Are you new to handling batteries? No worries, LiFEPO4 is composed of non-toxic materials plus, this type of lithium battery does not explode nor catch fire, even when punctured. It's the best rechargeable lithium battery newbie campers can use and it's easy to maintain as well.

How To Dispose of LiFEPO4 Batteries?

LiFEPO4 can either be disposed of, reused, or recycled. If you want to throw it away, you absolutely cannot just chuck it directly into the trash can especially if it's damaged. This can cause garbage trucks and landfill fires, and it poses a lot of environmental risks. They can be reused as a "stepped battery" instead, where they will be utilised in energy storage systems with low battery performance. Another option would be to find professional lithium battery recycling organisations and drop them off there. Nowadays, this is the most preferred way of disposing of your used batteries not just in Australia but in other countries as well because of its significant economic and environmental benefits.

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