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Generator Sizes

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All generators are not made alike, and in fact, there is a wide range of generator sizes, shapes, and types. Generator sizes range from the smallest generator that can power up your phone and other devices, small generators for camping, a generator for a caravan and right up to very large standby generators, which an electrician can install at your home in case of a power outage. Essentially, a generator will provide power when you are unable to get it from the grid or from solar or wind power if you are off-grid. They can be used to add a little comfort to your camping trip or to keep essential appliances and devices running at home. Either way, a generator is a very useful piece of equipment to own.

How to choose the right size generator?

Choosing generator sizes comes down to a few basic factors - and a few calculations. It 's important to consider the following factors so you can get a good idea of the generator sizes that will be suitable for your power needs.

One of the things to consider is where you will put the generator - and what you will use it for. If you take your generator with you in a caravan or RV or on a camping trip, you will want a unit that is easily portable and not too large but still has the wattage capacity or kVA to handle the output you require. If you are transporting the generator to and from your campsite, size really matters. It also matters if space is at a premium in your vehicle as you don 't want a large generator taking up all your room - and then there is also the fuel that you may need to bring with you as well. For this sort of purpose, compact portable inverter generators are a great choice, and as a ballpark, a 2000w generator will be a good start.

However, suppose you are putting the generator somewhere outside your home to use as a standby generator in case of an outage of mains electric power. In that case, you are going to be looking at totally different generator sizes. A house generator will need to be large to carry the load required by all your consumer appliances. If you will have it installed with a transformer switch, it will not be moved around, so you don 't need to worry about portability, either.

When it comes to narrowing down generator sizes, that is where you need to look at the power the engine can supply, that is the electric current it will generate. This is where a generator size calculator might be useful to help you work out load calculations for generators. Basically, you need to check the wattage of all your appliances and devices and work out their running and start-up wattage, plus which ones you are going to run at the same time. Start-up wattage is the highest, so it needs to be taken into account. Adding up all the appliances you want to run at the same time, plus the start-up wattage of the largest one, should give you an idea of your overall necessary generator sizes.
How to maintain a generator?

Like everything that has a motor, generators require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly and to make sure they are ready for power generation when you need them. This maintenance will occur at different intervals - annually, monthly - and the more you use the generator, the more you will need to take care of it to keep it going well. Not that you can neglect one that doesn 't get used often - it 's important to run a generator regularly to make sure that the battery is kept fresh and charged. When this is happening, it 's a good time to also do a visual check to make sure everything is in good condition and that the generator is clean. Any debris, such as dust or leaves, can block up vents, for example, and stop the generator from self-cooling. Other maintenance that should take place regularly is checking the engine oil and the coolant and topping those up as necessary. There should also be a check of spark plugs and the air filter and fuel lines and clean as needed. If they are beyond repair or cleaning, then new ones will need to be installed. The alternator should be checked and cleaned, and if there is a transfer switch, that also needs inspecting. Some of these checks will have to be done by a qualified technician to ensure they are done properly and safely.

Where can I buy the best generator near me?

Whether you are looking for generators in Melbourne, Mackay, or any other location in Australia, Outbax offers generators for sale for all types of power needs. We can advise you on generator types - from a petrol generator to marine generators and everything in between and on generator sizes. If you have any questions, please get in touch. We offer fast automated shipping to get your goods to you, so your power needs can be fulfilled quickly.

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