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Portable Inverter Generators

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When you need some power for your camping adventure, then portable inverter generators should fit the bill. Often compact in design and size, the technology in these generators makes them a little different to a conventional generator. Bringing you enough watt capacity to power up some handy appliances, including your mobile, portable inverter generators, can ensure that your camping trip has just a few little home comforts. Even though you may be roughing it, there 's nothing wrong with a hot coffee in the morning or a charged phone in case of an emergency. Portable inverter generators can also be used as an emergency backup at home in the case of a power outage, but they may not have the power to run a full house of equipment.

How do you use an inverter generator?

Before you even use portable inverter generators, if you are taking them camping, and they are an ideal small generator for camping, then you need to check that you are allowed to use them at all. Some places, such as national parks, do not allow them and other locations have restrictions in place.

As with any type of generator, you use portable inverter generators safely and with care. While portable inverter generators tend to emit less fumes and less carbon monoxide than a conventional generator, they still need to be handled carefully. They should be placed outside in a dry, well-ventilated area and at some distance from your caravan, tent or RV. Some of them also have automatic shut-off sensors if the carbon monoxide levels become too high, but they still need to be carefully located.

As with any other generator, you need to plan what you will use it for - what equipment you are going to plug into the outlets and check that your generator has a watt or kVA rating that is up to the job. A generator only has a finite amount of power, so you want to make sure that you are using it safely and are not going to overload it. Check the running and the start-up watts for your equipment as they are different.

What are the benefits of using a portable inverter generator?

There are a number of benefits to using portable inverter generators - most of which relate to how they operate. Portable inverter generators use an alternator that is lighter in weight than a conventional alternator and is also digital and electronic - this is the inverter. The inverter takes power generated by the engine - DC power - and turns this into clean AC power; this power is as clean as the power that comes from your mains electric power outlets in your house.

One of the main advantages of portable inverter generators is that they are the safest type of generator to use with sensitive electronics and devices such as your phone and your laptop. This is because they produce energy that is much less prone to distortion than the energy produced by a conventional generator, as discussed above, so it will protect this equipment.

In addition, the lightness of the alternator and the overall design technology of portable inverter generators is what makes them so, well, portable - which means they are ideal for all your outdoor adventures. There is a definite benefit to not having to lug around a conventional generator, which can be twice the size of portable inverter generators. However, make sure you secure them when using them outside - as they are portable and can cost quite a bit, they may be tempting to thieves.

Another benefit is that portable inverter generators have an engine that has the capacity to throttle up and down, depending on the load output that is required from the appliances that are plugged into it. This means that you can save money on fuel as it is not running at full tilt the whole time, and also, you don 't have to bother refuelling portable inverter generators nearly as often as conventional ones. This also means you won 't have to necessarily carry as much fuel with you - especially if you are still close enough to a service station.

Portable inverter generators also tend to make a lot less noise than conventional generators, which is an advantage for you - more sounds of nature - and for your neighbours - less sounds of your generator.

Where can I buy a portable inverter generator near me?

If you are looking for portable inverter generators, then look no further than Outbax. We have a wide range of quality generators for all sorts of adventures, from the smallest generator for a few devices to marine generators and upwards. If you are looking for generators anywhere in Australia, like Mackay, Brisbane, or Melbourne, we can help you out. Whether it's to discuss the merits of various models of 2000w generators, for example, or to talk about powering your home or camping trip, our customer service team is here to assist you. All our orders are shipped with fast, automated shipping so that you can get your product sooner and your adventure happening faster.

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