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Surrounded by lush nature reserves and mountain ranges, Canberra is a haven for camping enthusiasts. Australia's capital is not just huge in size, but big in outdoor activities too, with a mix of greens and beaches. Without a doubt, your camping battery pack and caravan batteries will be maximised here, so make sure to bring a good one, like a LiFEPO4. While Canberra batteries are surely all over the city in popular battery shops like Battery World, nothing beats coming in the area prepared. If you’re looking for quality lithium batteries, you might want to check Outbax.

We have an entire range of LiFEPO4 available in different sizes to accommodate all your power needs plus, they all come at affordable prices for a wallet-friendly camping experience.

After you have your battery, it's also beneficial to be aware of what kind of problems you may encounter with it after some time and what are the causes behind it. Knowing what harms your battery is a preventive measure so you don't discover a flat battery on the day of your camping trip or worse, end up with a dead battery in the middle of camping. 

What Are the Common Causes of Lithium Battery Failure?

Short Circuits

Short circuits are caused by metallic microscopic particles that come in contact with each other inside the battery cell. Since a large amount of current flows in the positive and negative plates, accumulation in one specific spot creates a build-up of heat which then corrodes the insulation layer. This is also referred to as thermal runaway. In a minor short circuit, lithium batteries will simply self-discharge but major ones can cause an explosion, posing greater risks to the user. These metallic particles usually become a problem when your battery accumulates excessive dust. Regularly cleaning your terminals and keeping your battery in a clean compartment can help prevent this, as well as making sure your battery power pack underwent a quality control process before purchasing.

External Damage

Physical damages to lithium batteries are partly due to the handling of the user. Dropping your battery or having it come in contact with sharp objects may cause punctures, which can eventually lead to leakage. Electrolyte leakage is dangerous to users, especially for batteries composed of toxic components plus, they can also cause short circuits. Whether you're using or storing your battery, make sure you set it up on a smooth surface and handle it as carefully as possible to avoid any damage.


Avoid using your battery if you notice any signs of swelling. This could be due to a number of reasons such as moisture in your portable battery pack, overcharging, aging, or exposure to high temperatures. The best way to deal with this is to store your battery in a clean, dry place, and constantly monitor it while charging if it doesn't have a built-in battery management system (BMS)

Improper Charging

Charging with an incorrect lithium battery charger can have detrimental effects. This is also the case when you top up your battery bank below freezing (32°F) temperature. It's usually the cause of lithium plating, which affects the battery's durability and makes it more susceptible to damage. Also, overcharging your battery is one of the most popular causes of battery failure. This may lead to overheating and eventually, explosion. You can use either a voltmeter or multimeter to easily track your battery's charging process, or opt for a battery with BMS already, like a LiFEPO4.

Do Lithium Batteries Work Well in Cold Weather?

One challenge for Canberra batteries is the climate in the city. Since Canberra experiences more rain and is slightly elevated, it's one of the few cities in Australia that may experience freezing temperatures during winter. If you happen to go camping in cold weather here, of course, it's natural to want to know how well your lithium battery will work in this situation. Compared to lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries perform significantly better in cold conditions. They warm up while in use, unlike other battery types that grow weaker the more you pull from them in cold settings. Generally, LiFEPO4 is safe to use in temperatures ranging from -4°F to 140°F, making them a versatile choice for any weather condition. Thinking of how to warm up your battery? You can try storing it in a heat-controlled compartment or wrap a thermal blanket around it with a thermometer to keep track of the temperature.

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