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Batteries in Hobart

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The city of Hobart enjoys a cooler climate than other Australian territories. This Tasmania capital stays comfortable during the summer and requires a thicker blanket in the winter. As for batteries in Hobart, you definitely have to stock them for backup here-you don't want that heater going out on a chilly night!

Aside from battery backups, it's also good to have quality camping batteries here for the adventure-lovers. Hobart is home to excellent campsites, caravan parks, and nearby beaches for anyone who wants to spend a weekend enjoying the outdoors. Of course, one of the best ways to make sure you have a great time out is to keep your electronic essentials running, especially heating/cooling appliances & cookware. 

Luckily, you don't have to go far to find good batteries in Hobart. You can find several battery shops in the area and of course, there are tons of online options as well. For instance, you can find a Battery World Hobart outlet easily, search for "car batteries Hobart" or "deep cycle batteries Hobart" and you're sure to get plenty of results!

However, if you're new to the area, a little guide on the best batteries in Hobart could be a big help. Read on and get some helpful tips on which batteries to buy in the city, where to buy them, and how to choose the right one for your power need!

Where Can I Get Batteries In Hobart For a Good Price?

As mentioned earlier, batteries in Hobart are quite accessible. Even those looking for outdoor batteries can find a 12V rechargeable battery here in an instant whether it's a lead-acid or lithium-based one. 

Take note: You can never go wrong with lithium batteries in terms of quality, especially LiFePO4 batteries. These are superior to their conventional lead-acid counterparts but can be pricier both in physical and online stores. 

Typically, a 100Ah lithium battery is priced around $600 & above. This could start even higher if you're after lithium deep cycle batteries like LiFePO4 under famous battery brands.

If you're looking for a more affordable option that doesn't compromise on quality, visit our website at Outbax. We're a camping store known for providing reliable power sources including portable batteries and we offer a wide selection of LiFePO4 batteries perfect for different applications. 

Our batteries for sale here start at a little over $500, allowing you to save big yet still get quality batteries at the same time. They come in various voltages and capacities too. In fact, you can get the popular slimline lithium batteries here! 

Aside from great prices, Outbax also holds special price offers from time to time, so make sure you stay updated on the best deals. 

What Type of Batteries In Hobart Should I Get?

Hobart is a good place to enjoy the outdoors, especially in the summer, so your camping and RV batteries would be a hit here. These usually come in standard 12V 100Ah power packs but if you need extra output, you can also go for a higher capacity as well. 

Pro tip: Want increased capacity without cramping up your space? Try using a 200Ah slimline lithium battery. It's perfect for RVs and smaller campsites, providing you with longer runtime while leaving you with more room to fit other essentials in. 

Backup batteries are also a must-have in the city, especially in the colder season. Deep cycle batteries are your best picks for this type of power need with their 80% DoD. This means you can safely discharge them up to 80% instead of the usual 50%, allowing for extended operation without needing a recharge.

Is It Okay To Buy Cheap Batteries In Hobart?

Generally, it's not recommended to buy cheap batteries as you might end up with an inferior power pack. While it might be tempting to save a few dollars, there's a good chance that you might end up with more expenses if your battery dies or incurs damages prematurely. 

If you're keen on buying a discount battery though, see to it that you have thoroughly checked its quality. Here's a quick checklist you can refer to when buying cheap deep cycle batteries or any kind of battery.


Always go for batteries that are tested to deliver uninterrupted performance. Anything with no indication of proper testing is not worth buying & might even be harmful during operation.


A safe, high-grade battery composition should have all the necessary cell certifications. This should be included in the specs sheet or any informative material that comes with the battery. 


A good warranty is an indication of reliability from your provider. Choose something with at least 5 years of warranty for accessible assistance in case you encounter issues with your power pack. 


Inspecting a battery pack for any cracks, signs of corrosion, and scratches is both a quality and safety check. Remember, the battery case is one of the easiest ways to spot issues, so don't overlook it.

More From Outbax

Still planning to search "battery shop Hobart" on the internet? Scratch that and visit the Outbax website straightaway instead! Our lithium battery prices here are perfect for those on a budget so you get quality power without breaking the bank. 

Aside from batteries, Outbax also has other available camping equipment such as inverter generators, power stations, and solar panels. It's your one-stop shop for powering the outdoors here, so don't plan your next trip without browsing through our premium quality items. 

We also launch special prices in line with celebrations such as the holiday season, Easter, and more, with additional offers such as free shipping and “buy now, pay later” options. Stay updated on the latest deals & get ready to shop for your next adventure!

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