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Solar Garden Lights

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Highlight your garden's beauty even in the evening with beautiful holiday lights. Solar garden lights come in different styles all built to turn the outside of your home into a fairyland. They're especially stunning during Christmas as they match the season's cheery vibes especially when paired with equally festive outdoor ornaments.

Solar powered garden lights are not your ordinary decorative lighting. Unlike other holiday lights, solar lights are powered by internal rechargeable batteries that can be charged throughout the day using solar panels. The brighter the day, the more energy is generated by your panels which will be stored in the battery to run your lights for a longer period. 

Since you're using renewable energy, solar garden lights also help reduce those monthly electricity bills while allowing you to enjoy your Christmas lights. There's also increased flexibility in terms of assembling them because you won't have to find nearby plugs or lug an extension anymore! They're more energy-efficient too, especially if you're using LED Christmas lights.

These lights are available in most of your favourite online and physical stores. You can get solar garden lights Bunnings, Kmart solar garden lights, and even in the nearest decorations store to your home. A single search of "solar garden lights Australia" or "garden lights solar" will also bring up tons of online stores, including Outbax. 

Prep for Christmas early this year and get the best solar garden lights at Outbax. We have a variety of solar Christmas lights that will look perfect for any outdoor space, plus other decorative items that will have everyone excited for the holidays!

Are Solar Garden Lights Weatherproof?

There are several questions circling on whether solar lights for garden are designed to withstand the winter or rainy season. The simple answer is yes. These are outdoor lights so most of them are designed to fare well even in inclement weather conditions. 

However, for the best maintenance, it's better to keep them inside during stormy days or a particularly windy afternoon-no one will be able to appreciate the lights anyway when it's freezing or raining heavily.

The only problem you might encounter on a cloudy day is the lack of sun exposure to keep your batteries charged. Solar panels need ample sunlight to be able to top off your solar garden lights in full so if the weather has been unfavourable throughout most of the day, your solar lights may not work properly too.

What Are the Best Solar Garden Lights For Christmas? 

One of the best things about garden solar lights is that they have many different styles that you can put together to create an impressive lighting arrangement. Here are some of the most popular solar garden lights you can add to your little greenery.

Fairy Lights

Solar fairy lights come in strings holding dainty lights that you can hang on your garden swing or use to line your flower beds. They come in a variety of colours and shapes so you can have fun mixing and matching them with other twinkles! 

Rope Lights 

Solar rope lights are also a great addition to your garden especially when you put them around trees. They offer plenty of design possibilities, so it's up to you to get creative. You can even pair them with other outdoor decorations!

Motif Lights

These decorative lights allow you to create an entire holiday scene easily. They're all shaped differently so whether you want a bright Santa Claus in the middle of your garden or some solar candy cane lights on your fences, these are your best pick!

Laser Lights

Why stick to individual pieces of Christmas lights when you can paint the entire garden in holiday hues? Switch on a solar Christmas laser light or two in the evening and voila, Santa might just arrive on your doorstep any moment!

Solar Lanterns

Imagine balls of light dangling from your backyard trees. How beautiful is that? Solar lanterns are one of the best dangling lights you can add to any garden-they're simple yet eye-catching, perfect if you want an elegant overall look. 

How To Choose the Best Solar Garden Lights?

Choosing solar lights for garden is not just about style. You don't want to buy a new set every year so make sure you check on quality as well. The first thing you need to look at

when buying solar garden lights is if it comes with solar panels. If it does, check how big the panel size is since the bigger your solar panels, the brighter and longer your lights will be. 

Usually, the perfect panels for solar outdoor Christmas decorations are portable solar panels. Here at Outbax, we have a variety of these including folding, fixed, and flexible solar panels

If you're buying fairy string lights, see to it that the cables are long and durable enough. A lengthy cable allows you to easily assemble your lights and also lets you transfer your solar panels conveniently depending on where there is ample sunlight. 

The brightness of your solar powered garden lights matters especially because you'll be using them at nighttime. If your lighting is more on atmospheric mood lights, go for something between 5 to 10 lumens. Spotlight-type twinkles should be 100 to 200 lumens since they are both for decorative and outdoor lighting purposes.

If you want a little more charm to your solar garden lights, choose something that has multiple lighting settings like glowing and twinkling modes. A power-saving mode is also a good option, especially on cloudy days when you might not have enough stored power to run your lights for a considerable period. 

Are you worried about rainy months or winter snow? Make sure your solar lights have good weather resistance. Opt for lights that have an IP rating of 44 and above, which means they're weatherproof.

Let’s get started on those holiday decorations and skip the last-minute shopping craze! Visit Outbax today and browse through our Christmas lights sale. We have white fairy lights, a reindeer motif light and just about anything you might want to put up in your garden. 

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