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Fairy Lights Curtain

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Fairy lights are truly a classic holiday decor. These dainty sparkles bring instant elegance and festive vibes to any space whether indoors or outdoors, which is why they are in almost every house you pass by during the Christmas season. They can also be arranged in many different styles, including the famous fairy lights curtain setup. 

As the name suggests, curtain fairy lights mimic typical window curtains in the sense that they are draped to cover entryways or spaces to create the illusion of a light shower. They come in multiple side-by-side strings and are available in different colours, with white fairy lights being the most popular. 

Fairy lights curtain are versatile as well. If you want to go for a sophisticated overall look, choose a neutral, single-colour one. If you want to create a fun, party-ready feel, there are also multicoloured fairy lights you can opt for. These lights serve more as a mood setter rather than to illuminate, making them the perfect finishing touch to your Christmas decorations. 

If you're planning to put up Christmas curtain lights this year, you're in luck. They're practically everywhere including in your local stores. There are Bunnings fairy lights, fairy lights Kmart, and so on. You even have the option to go for LED fairy lights for maximum energy efficiency! 

At Outbax, we also have a range of solar Christmas lights that will look great as curtain string lights or as part of traditional Christmas trees. They come in a variety of styles to choose from, so check them out yourself and pair your favourite ones for the holidays!

Where Can You Hang Fairy Lights Curtain?

If you love the idea of having a fairy light curtain, you'll be thrilled to know that you can display them in not just one but multiple areas in your home. These lights are suitable both for indoor and outdoor use, great for those who want their household full of twinkling Christmas lights!


Outdoor fairy lights are undeniably beautiful, especially the fairy lights curtain arrangement! Prepare a section where you can drape your beautiful lights on and watch it steal the show in the evening! Worried about your electricity bill? Choose LED solar fairy lights and go eco-friendly at the same time. 


A set of curtain fairy lights is just what your deck needs to liven it up. Hang them from the ceilings or if you want, try different kinds of light bulbs such as solar icicle lights. These will look perfect with a pre lit Christmas tree on the side too.

Doorways and windows

Enjoy that fairy-tale feel every time you enter the house with some fairy lights curtain by your door. Your guest are sure to feel the holiday ambience as soon as they set foot in your home too! You can even pair them with a sheer curtain for a soft, warm look. 

Bare walls

There's nothing like a multitude of solar curtain lights to instantly transform bare walls. Love decorating for the holidays? Arrange them with your garlands and motif lights for a complete Christmas makeover!


If Christmas time is your favourite holiday, why not make it a theme in your room with Christmas curtain string lights? Whether you put them on your wall or bedroom window, these will bring a cheery ambience, especially during the holiday season itself.

How To Hang Your Fairy Lights Curtain?

Before shopping for your fairy lights curtain, make sure you measure out the areas you're going to put them on for the perfect fit. You can also look for curtain string lights that come with all the necessary accessories needed for installation. If you're going to put it up on bare walls or any flat surface, you have the option of drilling holes on it and screwing in cup hooks or going for adhesive hooks instead. 

The great thing about adhesive hooks is that they do not leave any marks, so you won't be left with little holes on your wall after the Christmas season. They can lose their stickiness after a while though, so you need to have extras in case you need to replace one of them. 

Some areas are easier to put outdoor curtain lights on such as backyard trees and fences since you can conveniently hang the fairy string lights on branches or tips and let the rest of it cascade beautifully. Generally, these decorative lights do not require a complex assembling process, perfect for the busy festivities during the holidays. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that you'll probably have more freedom in terms of setting up your fairy lights curtain with battery operated fairy lights (preferably solar Xmas lights) instead of plug-in ones. This way, you can just charge them in the daytime and hang them without worrying if you have a nearby outlet in the evening. These types of curtain lights also look better aesthetically because it's easier to hide string light batteries than plugs. 

Do Fairy Lights Curtain Cause Fire?

A lot of people looking to buy fairy lights have existing worries about whether or not it's a fire hazard. The answer would be yes and no. They do have a risk of starting a fire just like every other Christmas light and electronic item. The safety parts of using holiday lights are largely dependent on the quality of lights you have and how well you follow the basic safety measures indicated when you first bought them. 

If you're concerned about fires, the best thing to do would be to opt for LED curtain lights instead of traditional incandescent lights. Most battery fairy lights are low voltage but LED fairy lights use even less electricity and generate very little heat, making them the safest option especially if you have children and pets around the house. You can also get a Christmas light timer that will automatically switch off your lights after a certain period to prevent overuse. 

This is particularly important to keep in mind if you plan to put up a fairy light curtain near combustible materials like trees and fabrics (window curtains). As much as possible, do not use incandescent light because these tend to heat up, which might cause a fire when used for long hours. 

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