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Silent Generators

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For anyone in the market for a silent generator, it 's our range of portable powerstations running on rechargeable lithium batteries that will ensure that you still sleep soundly no matter where you 're sleeping - at a campsite, in your caravan, under a swag.

We started Outbax when we were searching for the highest quality portable generators at the lowest price. We were looking for a high performing and reliable source of power perfectly suited for camping, caravanning, residential power outages and exploring Australia with a 4WD. We struggled to find what we needed and when we did find it, we decided to share the best of the best with the rest of Australia. We 're experts in our field and we 're happy to help you find the best silent generator, solar panels and 4WD accessories to ensure that every adventure that you set out on is the best it can be.

What is a silent generator?

An electrical generator is a piece of hardware designed to offer users access to reliable power when they need it without the need for a mains connection. Generators come in a range of designs and use a range of power inputs. Our selection of generators has been chosen to offer the highest performance for the lowest price. You 'll find petrol and diesel powered generators as well as solar charging generators which offer you lower fuel prices and less carting effort for every trip into the great outdoors.

The silent generator is the next step in reliable on site power. Rather than running a noisy engine, they are designed specifically to reduce their noise output as much as possible, normally achieving in the region of 50 decibels which is roughly the same noise level as a quiet conversation. There 's nothing worse than being that person at the camp site or caravan park who 's running a clunky and noisy electricity generator all night, disrupting the gentle and calming silence of the natural world. With our range of silent generators, you can still achieve the power you need out in the natural world with none of the noisy drawbacks. That means you get a sound sleep every night and so does everyone else camped around you.

What is the quietest generator?

Undoubtedly, the quietest generators available are from our inverter generator and portable power station range . Portable power stations are battery powered and can be hooked up to either fixed solar panels, folding and flexible types as well as caravan panels that are permanently affixed to your recreational vehicle. For super lightweight options that save you space, consider our mini panels and solar blankets.

Inverter generators have come a long way in recent years offering a maximum power wattage of 2000W which is often plenty for most camping enthusiasts. You can maximise your power output with some savvy power management plans in place as well, ensuring that you get the most from whatever generator you ultimately choose that saves you on fuel, time, space and effort. For more information about how much power you can get out of our silent generator range, consult our generator buying guide which includes approximate running wattages for a range of common camping, building and holidaying appliances.

Our silent generator is also petrol powered containing a 2.1L fuel tank capable of running your silent generator for up to 5 hours on a single tank. You can maximise this running time by using the economy switch, extending running time and saving on fuel.

They 're also incredibly lightweight. A portable generator needs to be easy to move and easy to store and our range of generators from the Gentrax range are designed with portability in mind. This includes super lightweight designs as well as handy handles and carry bags available. Whether you 're a builder working on site or camping as lightweight as possible, you 'll find a silent generator capable of running everything you need from our range online.

How silent is a silent generator?

A silent generator should offer as minimal noise disturbance as possible which is why our range of options go as low as 57db/7m. These high powered generators offer you a powerful site electricity source while barely purring louder than a kitten. They include designs like a canopy which ensures minimal noise and they run at the speeds your appliances are drawing. While you 're sleeping, there should be very few appliances running at all which means that the silent generator is most quiet exactly when you need it to be.

If you 're not sure which type of silent generator is going to offer you the right output for the right price then feel free to get in contact with us and chat with an expert. We 're available for live chats online through our website as well as via email or over the phone. Our expert customer service personnel will help you compare our high performing and low cost models to ensure you 're purchasing the best silent generator for your needs.

Enjoy fast and free metro shipping right across Australia as well as the best prices online from Outbax across our complete range of camping, caravanning and 4WD products, including solar accessories. We can ensure that you have everything you need to make every trip an epic and enjoyable experience for you and the whole family. Order online today.

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