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Solar Christmas Lights Australia

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The holiday season is drawing near and more people are starting to search online for solar Christmas lights Australia. Aussies love Christmas and are big on solar power use, making these sparkles a hit in most households. 

For one, they're as beautiful as traditional incandescent Christmas lights. Solar powered Christmas lights come in different forms-we have solar fairy lights, Christmas rope lights, and more. These make the perfect solar lights outdoor plus, you get to enjoy them without having to deal with higher electricity bills too!

Solar Christmas lights Australia are so popular that almost all of your favourite local stores have them. Whether you want Bunnings solar Christmas lights or Kmart solar Christmas lights, they're readily available as early as September. You can even get amazing deals if you wait for sale events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Prefer online shopping to avoid crowds? No worries, a single type of "best solar Christmas lights Australia" or "solar Christmas decorations Australia" is sure to give you tons of results from different online shops. You might want to check what we have at Outbax too. We have several types of solar Xmas lights here plus other solar outdoor Christmas decorations including Christmas inflatables!

How Do You Connect Solar Christmas Lights Australia To Solar Power?

Is it your first time getting solar Christmas lights in Australia? Or do you want a DIY project and turn your existing string lights into solar? Don't worry, we got you covered. Below is a step-by-step procedure on how you can connect your Christmas solar lights to solar power. Keep reading and you'll be setting up your solar twinkles like a pro in no time!

Step 1: Connect your Christmas lights' battery to the solar charge controller/regulator

Attach the positive (red) wire of your battery pack to the corresponding terminal on your solar charge controller and do the same for the negative wires. Tighten them in with a screwdriver. When all the wiring part is done correctly, your regulator will turn on to indicate that it was properly connected to the battery. 

Step 2: Connect your solar panels to the regulator

Locate the screw terminals on your solar charge controller and insert your solar panel wires in them. This would be easier if you're using stripped wire ends, but if you have solar panels with MC4 connectors, you need to buy ab MC4 adapter cables to connect them to your regulator. 

Step 3: Connect your Christmas lights to the solar charge controller

Make sure your regulator has USB ports, plug your lights in, and that's just about it. Your setup is almost complete by this point. 

Step 4: Time to test your Christmas solar string lights

Test your solar Christmas lights, solar panels, battery, and charge controller by placing your panels outside in the sun. If your lights are not turning on, don't panic. Cover your solar panels with a blanket and try again, then check your charge controller's display to see if everything is working out well.

Step 5: Display your lights and enjoy!

When everything has been set up and tested successfully, it's time to hang your outdoor solar Christmas lights. Take note that if you plan to hang your lights in open spaces or use them as solar garden lights, make sure to keep both the battery and charge controller dry to avoid damage. 

What Are the Most Common Issues of Solar Christmas Lights Australia?

Switching on and off

If your Christmas lights are constantly switching off after you have turned them on, this can either be because your batteries are dying, your solar panels are dirty, or your solar panels are in the shade. 

Solar batteries for solar Christmas lights Australia typically last 2-3 years so make sure to check yours if you're experiencing this problem. Also, make it a habit to clean your solar panels since a build-up of dirt can impact its charging efficiency. Place them somewhere with ample sunlight exposure and away from the shade as the day progresses.

Christmas lights not turning on

Are you having trouble getting your Christmas solar lights to turn on? This might be due to battery problems as well, a bad bulb, or a blown fuse. The good news is that all of these are replaceable unless your entire system has been damaged already. Once you have located which among these is causing the problem, replace it immediately and test your lights.

Flickering lights

This is perhaps the most common concern among solar Christmas light users and can be caused by several factors. It could be a problem with the light fixtures, charging efficiency, shaded solar panels, or a faulty solar controller. You might have to inspect your entire system to determine whether you need to change your light bulbs, wirings, or accessories.

Are Solar Christmas Lights Australia Worth It?

Some homeowners might be hesitant about switching to solar Christmas lights Australia because of the higher upfront cost and its dependency on the sun. However, these cons are easily outweighed by the advantages you can get with solar powered Christmas lights

For one, these are sure to give you huge savings on electricity bills, since you're no longer using the typical plug-in mechanism. You'll be getting that extra cost within a few months, plus, you get to enjoy more flexibility in putting up your decorations. No more tangled wires. No more fussy extension cords. Opt for solar LED Christmas lights and you've got an even more energy-efficient, eco-friendly ensemble. 

If you're worried about the availability of renewable energy from the sun, keep in mind that December is one of the sunniest months in Australia. You will most likely be using your lights around this time and even before this month, the spring period still allows for decent sun exposure. Yes, your solar panel's efficiency might be reduced on a cloudy day, but it's hardly a worry during the Christmas season in the country. 

So yes, solar Christmas lights in Australia are definitely worth the money. Make sure to try them this year and see the difference yourself! They're versatile too, so you can go for multiple decorating options like putting up a fairy lights curtain or flaunting numerous Christmas tree lights

Quit searching for "Christmas solar lights Australia" and head straight to our website at Outbax. We have the most beautiful twinkling holiday lights here, including motif lights in case you want a solar reindeer greeting your guests at the front door. Browse through them and pick your favourites all without having to squeeze in between crowds! We'll have your decorations delivered right to your doorstep without the hassle and free of shipping charge.

Need solar panels for your solar lights? We got them in different kinds, including flexible solar panels! Of course, outdoor lovers are sure to have extra fun this holiday break too. We have the best camping gear for all your adventures here, plus leisure items like spas for those who want to relax in the comfort of their home. Shop now and have a very merry Christmas this year!

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