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Solar Powered Christmas Lights

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What's better than Christmas light decorations all over the outside of your home? Solar powered Christmas lights! These twinkles are just as pretty as your traditional holiday lights but are more energy efficient.  This way, you get to enjoy a dazzling arrangement without worrying about next month's electricity bill. 

More and more people are now switching to solar Christmas lights for a number of reasons aside from being cost-effective. For one, solar powered Christmas lights eliminate the hassle of figuring out where to plug your decorations since they're battery-operated. You just charge them via solar panels during the day and enjoy a continuous show of sparkles throughout the night. No more fussy cords and extensions!

Also, because you're using renewable energy, it's eco-friendly as well. These lights run effectively on 100% clean energy so it's like hitting two birds with one stone-you get to save up on electricity bills and you do your share of caring for the environment at the same time. 

If you're thinking of going solar this holiday season, you're in luck. They're practically everywhere-you get to choose from bunnings solar Christmas lights, Kmart solar Christmas lights, and so on. If you want to skip the holiday rush, you can shop online too. At Outbax, we have a massive range of solar Christmas decorations including solar Xmas lights, pre lit Christmas trees and Christmas inflatables!

Where Can You Put Solar Powered Christmas Lights?

Solar powered Christmas lights add charm whether used indoors or outdoors. They're usually flaunted on the outside spaces of homes though. Outdoor solar Christmas lights are pretty versatile and come in a variety of types too, so you have tons of options on where to place them.

If you're going for solar icicle lights or solar fairy lights, these will look stunning on the edges of your roof or dangled from your backyard trees. They are the perfect solar string lights to highlight any area or create a shower of lights in your garden. You can also place them around trees, but if you're going to do that, better opt for solar LED Christmas lights for reduced risk of fires.

Outbax has some of the most stunning outdoor fairy lights you can get for Christmas. We have warm white icicle lights, multicolour fairy lights, and so on! You can even pair them with other hanging lights such as solar rope lights or solar lanterns. 

Thinking of getting a couple of motif lights too? Place them on your deck to greet guests or beside garden benches for a picture-perfect scene. There are so many arrangements you can try yet they're so easy to assemble, so you'll definitely have loads of fun turning your house holiday-ready!

How Long Should Good Powered Christmas Lights Last?

A quality set of solar powered Christmas lights should give you about two years of battery life. The rechargeable battery integrated into your solar lights plays a huge role in determining its service life, so make sure to invest in a reliable one. 

Usually, solar Christmas lights outdoor use either NiMH or NiCad batteries. Between the two, NiMH batteries win in lifespan since they have no memory effect. These typically have a guarantee of about two years and could last even longer with regular maintenance. These batteries are also better in terms of longevity because they have a high power storage capacity, meaning they can run your lights for longer periods. 

Going for LED Christmas lights is another great way of ensuring overall quality and extended service life. Aside from maximum efficiency, LED solar lights are known to deliver up to 75,000 hours of use-more than half of the 30,000 hours of use you get from traditional incandescent bulbs. 

When buying your outdoor solar Christmas lights, see to it that you choose a reputable provider or store as well. Check the warranty offered and specs, and make sure you test out the lights before purchasing them to make sure there is no damage that may shorten their lifespan or pose safety risks while in use. 

How Do You Store Solar Powered Christmas Lights During Winter?

We've briefly touched on the topic of storing your solar powered Christmas lights as part of its maintenance. Since they'll spend the majority of the year kept away, where and how you store them will impact their performance the next year you take them out for display again. 

If you want your solar outdoor Christmas decorations to last for a good amount of years, here are the best tips to maintain them when not in use: 

Switch them off

As simple as it may seem, a lot of people actually forget to switch off their Christmas lights before storing them. This habit can significantly reduce their lifespan, so always check if you have turned them off to keep them in optimal condition.

Keep them dry and let sunlight in

Outdoor solar Christmas lights are usually water-resistant with either an IP65 or IPX-8 waterproof rating, but this doesn't mean you can store them wet! Moisture can cause corrosion and rust which can permanently damage decorative lights. 

Keep them in a well-insulated place that still allows for sunlight exposure to help them maintain a charge and air-dry them thoroughly if they have been exposed to water splashes from the rain. 

Wrap them up

If you have solar powered Christmas lights, cover them with bubble wrap, packing paper, or even spare blankets. This will give them extra protection in case they accidentally fall while in storage, so they don't crack or get scratches. 

Remove batteries

This one's another no-brainer. Leaving batteries inside your solar lights also causes corrosion, so have a separate storage area for them and follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to keep them properly.

Consider a storage unit

Do you love the holidays so much and have a huge collection of solar Christmas decorations? Better buy a storage unit for them then, and preferably a spacious one so they're not cramped in there while waiting to be taken out for the next season. 

Don’t miss out on the trendiest Christmas decorations and get your solar powered Christmas lights now! Everyone will be hitting the stores for holiday shopping soon, so get yours early to avoid stocks running out. Visit our website at Outbaxand choose from rows of decorative solar lights and portable solar panels to pair with them. 

Of course, Christmas break is also about enjoying the outdoors. Organise that holiday camping trip today and keep it well-powered with our portable power sources! We have quiet generators for camping here as well as LiFePO4 batteries all tested to deliver reliable performance.

The best part? All our items are budget-friendly and will be delivered to you FREE of shipping charge!

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