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Pre-Lit Christmas Tree Australia

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More and more Aussies have been searching "pre lit Christmas trees Australia" every time the holiday season draws near. Pre lit Christmas trees gained attention mostly for offering a hassle-free way to decorate your home. These are artificial Christmas trees that come with pre-wired lights, so you can bid those pesky tangled cords goodbye. 

There are several styles of pre lit Christmas trees in Australia. You can get a slim pre lit Christmas tree, pre lit snowy Christmas tree, and more online or in physical stores. The best part aside from convenience is that they are reusable and can last for up to 10 years or more, meaning you get to save up while still enjoying a beautiful holiday tree to adorn your home with. 

Interested in getting your own before the holiday shopping craze? Read on and know more about its benefits, where you can buy the best pre lit Christmas tree in Australia, and which type of tree to buy!

Where To Buy Pre Lit Christmas Trees Australia?

Forget typing "pre lit Christmas tree Australia" every year. You can actually find these beauties in your favourite local stores. You can get a Target pre lit Christmas tree or Kmart pre lit Christmas tree in an instant, but if you prefer online shopping to avoid the crowd, you can check out online stores like Outbax as well.

Whether you're buying a pre-lit Christmas tree in Australia for the first time or not, you're sure to find stunning models here. These are premium quality lighted Christmas trees at an affordable price range plus, we have tons of other Christmas light decorations too. Check out some of our popular items including the solar icicle lights and laser lights to complete the festive vibe in your household!

How Much Are Pre Lit Christmas Trees Australia?

You don't have to break the bank for decent holiday decorations including trees. Pre lit artificial Christmas trees in Australia start as low as $50 up to a thousand dollars depending on the size, brand, and type of material used in it. If you compare it with a real Christmas tree that you can get for an average of $83 starting price, it's actually a good investment especially when you consider the lifespan and reusable feature. 

If you really want to save big for the holidays, you can wait for deals online or in-store such as a Christmas lights sale. Most holiday ornaments last a good number of years, so you'll get a pretty good value that you can use for many more Christmas seasons.

What To Look For When Buying Pre Lit Christmas Trees in Australia?


Proper sizing is a must when buying a pre lit Christmas tree. This doesn't mean measuring the tree alone-you have to consider the area you're going to put it in too, along with the space you're going to pass through when moving the tree in your home. 

Any holiday decor would most likely spend the majority of the year in storage, so this is another thing to factor in. You need to keep your storage area spacious to avoid damaging your tree and if you don't have much space inside the house, better opt for small or slim Christmas trees instead.

Branch Type 

Christmas tree branches can either be hooked or hinged. Hinged ones are the higher-quality type and easier to assemble, while hook-ins need more assembly. The latter is less expensive though, ideal if you have a limited budget. 


You have two options when it comes to your tree's needles: PVC and PE (polyethylene). If your priority is to make it resemble real, traditional Christmas trees, the better choice would be PE since they are sculpted in an intricate manner that gives an authentic look. 

PVC, on the other hand, has extra points on safety with its fire-resistant feature. However, they are wired to the branches so you can obviously tell that it's a fake tree. 

Attached Tips and Lights

The number of attached tips is a good indicator of the quality of pre lit Christmas lights. The more it has, the fuller it will look so make sure you take note of this before starting your holiday shopping. Also, go for a Christmas tree lighted with LED because they're a lot safer and last longer too. 


Your stand might seem like a minor part of your holiday tree but it actually plays a major role-you definitely do not want it falling over with the slightest wind!  Choose a metal stand instead of plastic for extra stability, or a centre pole for a sturdier build.

How Tall Are Pre Lit Christmas Trees in Australia?

Pre lit Christmas trees come in different sizes. Mini trees are under 4.5' tall, perfect for placing on table tops for those with limited space in their home. These add a charm to room corners, especially with colourful ornaments on them. Small ones are between 5' to 5.6' tall and will look stunning in entryways or rooms with shorter ceilings. 

The standard size of a lighted tree is usually 7' to 7.5' tall. A lot of homeowners go for a 7ft Christmas tree since these are easy to put up and decorate plus, they are big enough to really bring in the holiday vibes. If you can fit in a larger one, there are also options ranging from 8' to 9.5'. Anything larger than this is meant for massive public spaces like offices and malls.  

Ready to buy the best pre lit Christmas trees in Australia? Visit Outbax today for a unique collection of them. Our Stockholm Willow Shimmer Christmas Tree, for example, will instantly bring an elegant touch to any living room. Pair them with our White Fairy Lights or other LED Christmas tree lights and your home will be set to welcome the season of giving! 

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