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Australia is known to have a lot of camping spots for outdoor enthusiasts. There are parks, reserves, and forests, with some even offering accommodations like cabins and lodges. If you're one of those who are planning a camping trip anywhere in the country and is looking for a reliable generator to keep your electronics powered and running smoothly, then you've come to the right online shop. 

How to choose the right generator?

Whether you're looking to buy a camping generator or a generator for home backup, getting the best one that fits all your power needs is the most important factor to consider. 

If you're going to use it as a temporary power source in your house in case of an outage, you can either opt for a traditional standby generator or an inverter generator with more wattage. Determine which appliances you want to keep running during power interruptions, total the power output you need and use it as a basis when you purchase your generator. 

When it comes to camping generators, a 2000w generator would be enough for a couple of portable appliances such as lights, heaters, or microwaves. The most popular generators for camping are usually the 3kVA generators, since these are powerful enough for travel, for home use, or even for trade sites.  

You also need to take note of the generator's noise level. This is especially important when you're going camping since some campsites do not allow generators that produce too much noise and of course, other campers won't be happy when you start running a noisy unit in the area. 

Quiet generators range at around 50-60dB, which sounds like an average conversation between two people. There are ways to make your inverter generator extra discreet too. You can either create a temporary cover around it or build portable storage to bring along with your generator. Turning the muffler away from you and placing the generator within at least 20 feet of distance might be of help as well. 

Lastly, when it comes to generator size, small portable generators are definitely a win for camping. These are lightweight and space-savvy with a sufficient amount of wattage to keep your gadgets and appliances powered up, which makes them ideal as caravan generators too. Here in Outbax, we have an entire section for portable generators with up to 6kW of power and also battery generators for those who don't like fuel-driven generators.

How to install a generator?

The first thing to do when you install generators is to make sure you read the manual. Think safety first regardless of the type of generator you will be using. Next, where will you locate your generator? Diesel, petrol generator, or any type of fuel-driven generator must be put outside in a well-ventilated area. This is because these generators emit fumes such as carbon monoxide that can be deadly. It’s also important to locate the generators at a distance from your home, caravan, or tent with any exhaust outlet facing away from where people are. Lastly, your generator will need to be kept dry, and you should never touch any parts with wet, bare hands.

Additionally, when deciding on the location of your generator, you need to make sure that it is kept away from sources of fire. This includes anything that creates static, any sparks or any flames, and spare fuel. If you are using a battery generator off-the-grid, you will need to install it where there is plenty of sunlight so you can set up the solar equipment to charge the battery in your generator.

Maintaining your generator

If you’re wondering how long do generators last, this will partly depend on how you use and maintain them. Although generators are not used that often, it’s a good idea to run them from time to time. Check the parts regularly, especially the spark plug, fuel lines, and air filters. Make sure to change the fuel too, as stale fuel may cause damage to the generator. Normally, the estimated lifespan of a portable generator is between 1000 to 2000 hours overall, but this is dependent on the model, individual specifications, usage, and maintenance.

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Need more information on generators? Refer to our generator buying guide or give us a call. Outbax has something for every Aussie looking for a great camping adventure whether you’re after generators in Melbourne, generators in Mackay, or generators in Brisbane. We have a team of dedicated customer service who are both experts in our products and outdoor lovers as well. We’re more than happy to assist you with all your questions.

In addition to petrol inverter generators, we offer a wide collection of other camping must-haves too. Visit our website and have a look at our solar panels, solar panel accessories, and LifePO4 batteries. Everything about powering up your outdoor adventure is here and even better, we offer them at a reasonable price without compromising on quality for maximum performance every time.

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