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If you're residing in Northern Queensland and would like a good portable power source for camping, RVs, or your home, try searching for batteries in Cairns. Cairns discount batteries are available online and in-store, but if you don't want to bother physically looking for a good battery, you can check Outbax for online batteries for sale instead. No matter where you are in Australia, we've got a battery or any other camping gear that will surely fit your needs. 

There are tons of car batteries in Cairns but if you're leaning towards camping batteries or a reliable battery backup, it would be ideal to go for a lithium battery as they are considered one of the best battery types in the market. Even better, get yourself a LiFEPO4 deep-cycle battery. LiFEPO4 batteries are known for their integrated battery management system (BMS) which protects against overcharging, undercharging, overheating, and short circuits. They also do not explode or catch fire, perfect if you're handling a battery for the first time. 

Usually, campers use a 12V battery to supply their off-grid power needs. This battery could either be lithium, lead-acid, or AGM. Now when purchasing any kind of battery, an important factor that all battery owners should take into account is the charging process. Aside from choosing the correct battery charger, you also need to be aware of how to maintain your battery so you get the most out of it and be able to use it for a long time. 

How to Charge Batteries Properly?

As earlier mentioned, make sure you're using the right charger for your battery type for optimal service and lifespan. You cannot use a regular charger for your camping batteries and you absolutely cannot interchange the chargers that you use for different batteries. There are specific battery chargers for flooded lead-acid batteries, AGM batteries, and lithium batteries. Using the wrong kind of charger causes damage to your battery and will also affect its overall life as well. 

Once you start your charging process, make sure to keep track of your voltage level especially if you're using manual chargers. This is to avoid the risk of overcharging that leads to permanent battery damage. You can also use a voltmeter and a voltage chart as a reference. Additionally, the recommended temperature during charging is 25°C for 12V batteries. Charging must be paused if the battery reaches 50°C. In terms of recharge time, this may vary depending on a number of factors. These include depth of discharge, temperature, size & efficiency of charger, and lastly, the age plus condition of your battery. 

What Are the Factors Affecting Battery Life?

As batteries age, they gradually lose their capacity as well due to corrosion, improper usage, overcharging or under charging. One thing that significantly affects your battery's lifespan is exposure to extreme temperatures. Generally, for every 8.3°C average annual temperature (25°C), your battery's life decreases by 50%. Also, batteries are designed to have a maximum number of charge and discharge cycles before reaching the end of their life. A deep-cycle LiFEPO4 would be advantageous in this aspect, as it's able to provide you with up to 2,000 cycles or more. Where you use your battery is crucial too. Make sure you're using the correct type for certain applications since improper usage of batteries causes permanent damage and in some cases, may pose danger to the user as well. Lastly, maintenance matters. Make it a habit to constantly check your battery for loose connections or corrosions as periodic preventive maintenance can help extend their overall life and prevent capacity loss.

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