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Batteries in Dandenong aren't hard to find. You could either search for the nearest battery shop in the area or browse online and you'll have a lot of options on what to buy, which one to buy, and where to buy. There's a Battery World outlet, R&J batteries, and of course Outbax, which is always available no matter where you are in Australia. Simply visit the site, browse through the products, and add to cart. Everything is done online here-all you need to do is wait for your battery to be delivered. 

If you're looking for a camping battery or caravan battery, it's always a good idea to start off by knowing what your options are. While there are certain battery types usually preferred by many, you could also check out alternatives that might work for you as well. So before you look for battery stores in Dandenong, do your own research first to get good value for your money.

What Are the Types of Batteries For Camping?

Since deep-cycle batteries are the standard whether for outdoor use or as backup power, let's tackle the battery types under it. First, we have the AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat battery. This battery boasts reliability, portability, and good electrical output. It's one of the most popular choices for camping especially since it has a low discharge rate and performs well in cold conditions. Next, we have gel batteries. They also provide sustained power plus, they produce no gas when charging, making them great for recreational vehicles, 4WDs, and even boats. Gel batteries are safer to operate as well since they don't contain liquid inside. 

Lead-carbon batteries are fairly new to the market yet it offers their own perks too. For one, it has an improved life cycle with a lesser tendency of sulfation. This is good for long-term use if you're an avid camper or caravan owner because it eliminates the need to change your batteries often, saving both your time and money. Lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, are quite familiar in the camping field. These are recommended for outdoor enthusiasts too because of their ability to be recharged hundreds of times, low discharge rate, and better efficiency. Lithium-ion is also widely used in most electronic gadgets, medical equipment, and electrical vehicles.

The last type is the lithium iron phosphate batteries or LiFEPO4. These have been gaining a lot of attention lately although they’ve been in the scene for quite some time now. Dubbed as the safest type of battery, LiFEPO4 also takes the trophy when it comes to lifespan and overall quality. This is largely attributed to its built-in battery management system (BMS) that ensures optimal cell performance and prevents common causes of battery decline like overheating, for example. 

Why is LiFEPO4 So Expensive?

Perhaps the only downside of a LiFEPO4 is its price. The battery price for this is higher than other types, mostly falling between $500 to $2,000 depending on the size. However, when you look at it from a long-term perspective, this is actually the more practical choice especially if you like to go on outdoor trips often. For one, it’s space-saving and lightweight yet holds increased capacity. There’s no need to haul a bulkier battery or an additional one if you need extra power. This rechargeable lithium battery is geared for high-power applications so as long as you have the right size, this will efficiently run both big and small appliances. The most cost-effective aspect of a LiFEPO4 would be the enhanced safety feature and lifespan. Aside from added protection due to its incombustible structure, it also allows for maintenance-free use. It has integrated temperature control to prevent overheating, as well as over-voltage and under-voltage to ensure your battery is not damaged when charging. 

How to Charge a LiFEPO4?

You can charge LiFEPO4 batteries in parallel or series connections. Either way, make sure to charge each battery individually before connecting them-each one should be within 0.05V before the charging process. You could use a voltmeter to easily track your voltage level and minimise imbalance between the systems for maximum performance. Still, the most ideal way of charging your LiFEPO4 is with the correct lithium iron phosphate battery charger because these are programmed with the appropriate voltage limits. Additionally, if you're pairing your lithium battery with solar panels for your caravan, make sure to use a reliable solar charge controller as well. 

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Now that you know the advantages of each camping battery type, it’s time to choose and buy one for your upcoming adventures. For quality and affordable battery packs, try having a look at Outbax. Our available batteries are guaranteed to make your camping experience a lot better. Whenever you’re in search of local batteries be it batteries in Gold Coast, batteries in Nerang, or batteries in Ipswich, you just have to browse our site and you’re sure to find a good portable power source there. Aside from lithium batteries, we also offer other outdoor gear like solar panels, inverter generators, and camping accessories.

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