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It’s pretty easy to get batteries in Melbourne. From the numerous Battery World outlets in the city to battery shops online, you'll always find a good battery power pack when you need it. You could be looking for lithium batteries, solar batteries, or even a battery backup and you're sure to find one without too much effort. Speaking of batteries, we know that the current standard especially for camping is lithium batteries. Fortunately, lithium batteries in Melbourne are famous especially since there are tons of campsites in the area. If you're not from the city but still want a good LiFEPO4 for your outdoor adventures, you can always go to Outbax and get your battery pack there. As of now, we have new products that you might want to have a look at, such as our LiFEPO4 with Built-in Power Voltage Display.

The benefits of lithium batteries are widely known, but some information regarding the battery is not as commonly discussed. These include battery testing, charging procedures and sometimes small fixings that you can do on your own. While it's good to know the basics when it comes to handling LiFEPO4, a little extra knowledge on some areas wouldn't hurt, and may even be beneficial in some circumstances. 

Are All Lithium Batteries the Same? 

No. Have you noticed that lithium batteries are priced differently? Some are suspiciously cheap, while some are significantly pricey. This usually has something to do with quality. It is true that most LiFEPO4s are deep-cycle batteries and therefore are likely to be of quality, but some campers have been reporting battery failures, which is caused by a faulty cell in cheap battery power packs. These batteries may not have undergone a quality control check, or fall short behind the recommended 18650 or 26650 number of premium lithium battery cells.

How To Test a Lithium Battery?

Testing your lithium battery before camping should be at the top of any camper's priority list. You want to make sure you have a reliable power source in optimal working condition, especially for off-grid camping where you'll be away from a mains power. To test your LiFEPO4, make sure it is not connected to anything first and use a voltmeter for accurate voltage readings. Connect it to the battery's corresponding positive and negative terminals and wait for the charge to show on the screen. Then, check it in accordance with your battery's manual. If you notice that it is not charging, this is an indication that your battery has reached the end of its life. Battery bloating and fast overheating are also some of the signs that your battery is either dead or close to being completely flat.

What Are the Ideal Charging Parameters of Lithium Batteries?

Whether you're using your LiFEPO4 as a camping battery or caravan battery, proper charging is a must for smooth performance. First, you should use an appropriate LiFEPO4 charger and make sure that its voltage matches your battery’s. While LiFEPO4s have a built-in battery management system (BMS) that automatically prevents overcharging, undercharging, overheating, and short circuits, checking on it from time to time during recharge is still ideal. 

Most LiFEPO4 cell voltage falls around 4.2V. When topping off your lithium battery, it's highly recommended to charge it to 3.5V and not more than 3.6V to reduce the stress on your battery pack and prevent overcharging, which will impact its lifespan in the long run. If you have a 12V battery, the maximum charging voltage is at 14.4V, while for a 24V battery, it's at 28.8V. There are also ideal discharge parameters for lithium batteries to maintain their optimal condition. Batteries with integrated BMS will automatically disconnect once the cell voltage reaches 2.5V, as letting it go below 2V may cause minor damage. In terms of maximum discharge levels, a 12V battery falls at 11.5V, while a 24V battery is at 23V.

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Car batteries in Melbourne, solar batteries in Melbourne, or deep-cycle batteries in Melbourne-whatever power pack you might need, you're sure to find in this city. If you don't want to bother leaving your home, browse through Outbax for a range of top-notch LiFEPO4 for sale at an affordable price. Outbax aims to provide a great camping experience to every outdoor enthusiast, so whether you're on the hunt for batteries in Dandenong, batteries in Peakhurst, or even batteries in Sunshine Coast, there's something for you here. We even have solar panels and inverter generators too, for campers who want an additional power source that is both handy and reliable.

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