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Batteries Bendigo

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Bendigo is a fascinating combination of architecture and nature. Known for its pottery, this city houses beautiful structures perfect for sightseeing as well as a variety of parks for camping enthusiasts. For those who are planning to see the area, better prepare a good camping battery pack, like a LiFEPO4 lithium battery. There are options in the city itself such as Battery World Bendigo, Bond Batteries Bendigo, and R&J Batteries Bendigo. If you want to have one ready before you even go there, you can also opt for online shops like Outbax.

We have a section dedicated to quality batteries and other outdoor gear such as solar panels, inverter generators, and power stations. These are all priced reasonably, great for campers who are on a budget.

Are Camping Batteries Safe?

Batteries are definitely one of the most reliable ways to get camping power. While there have been a lot of issues with exploding batteries, the safety of operating one is partly dependent on how you handle it. Conventional batteries like lead-acid or lithium-ion are the types that are most likely to catch fire due to their very nature and composition. This is usually caused by a "thermal runaway" reaction when your unit overheats, so tracking your charging levels and keeping any device as cool as possible is crucial. Well-made and modern batteries countered this problem by incorporating safety features into the battery itself which automatically prevents overcharging and overheating.

Speaking of well-made batteries, the number one type under this category would be the lithium iron phosphate batteries or simply LiFEPO4. You've probably heard of it since it's growing more popular in the market recently. They are considered the safest whether used as a camping battery, solar battery, or caravan battery and being a deep-cycle battery, they win in the longevity department too. A single LiFEPO4 is said to be as good as three to four traditional batteries. If you're after a portable power source, these will tick off all of your battery requirements. The compact, lightweight design is ideal for carting on your trips or hauling in your RV, while the increased capacity ensures you will never run out of power while enjoying the great outdoors. The highlight of a LiFEPO4 lies in its battery management system (BMS), which optimises every cell's performance while preventing common battery issues like over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit, and overheating. Coupled with a non-toxic component and incombustible feature, this is the best rechargeable lithium battery for both seasoned and newbie campers because of how safe it is. Although it leans on the expensive side, it can last for 7 to 10 years, which ultimately gives you great value for your money.

How To Charge Camping Batteries?

Unlike car batteries that you can recharge while driving, camping battery packs need an appropriate charger in order to avoid damage and perform their full potential. While it's not really prohibited to charge your battery via your vehicle's alternator, this is not the most ideal way. If you have access to mains power, better pair your lithium battery with a battery charger that is compatible with it in terms of size and output. Another way of topping up your battery is by using solar panels. You can mount these on the roof of your caravan or camper trailer and connect to your battery but don't forget to use a solar charge controller in between to regulate the energy that flows from the solar panel to the battery bank.

How To Properly Dispose of a Battery?

Unlike disposable batteries, rechargeable ones ideally need to be recycled before throwing away. You can take them to the nearest recycling facility near you that specialises in batteries, as the process can be quite tricky. Make sure that you don't recycle this along with everyday waste like bottles or papers for safety. Aside from reducing the risk of fires and explosions, recycling batteries is also a good way to prevent toxic substances from harming the environment. If you have car batteries, it's best to coordinate with scrap metal dealers, garages, and transfer stations to have them properly disposed of.

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