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48v Battery

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We've heard of 12V batteries and even 24V batteries, let's now move on to 48V batteries. Boasting four times the usual amount of voltage, this battery is great not just as camping batteries and backup batteries but also for powering leisure vehicles. You would typically find a 48V golf cart battery, 48V e-bike battery, and so on especially since its higher-voltage built allows for improved power generation.

If we're talking about camping, the battery types would still be the same: There are 48V AGM batteries, 48V lithium-ion batteries, and of course, 48V lithium batteries or LiFEPO4. Lithium deep-cycle batteries are still the best for those who are planning to go off-grid for a couple of days and if you pair it with a 48V power output, your battery bank is sure to last you the entire trip. Additionally, a LiFEPO4 is safer and maintenance-free because of its built-in battery management system. Using it as a lithium RV battery? Take advantage of it as a solar battery and pair it with solar panels. 

Can You Charge a 48V With a 12V Charger?

A 12V charger cannot charge a 48V battery. Your battery charger needs at least 12% more output than its rated voltage, hence a 12-volt charger will not deliver power to a 48V battery. The minimum it can provide is a very little amount of charge, but this is still not advisable and may even damage your battery. How about with solar panels? Charging your battery banks using solar is a little different. In this case, a 48V battery can be charged with a set of solar panels as long as you use an MPPT boost solar charge controller. This type of controller has an output voltage of 48V. It mainly regulates the input voltage from your solar panels and boosts it to 48V to be able to properly charge your battery.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need To Charge a 48V Battery?

Charging 48V batteries require your system to have at least two panels connected in series, although it will perform significantly better if you have three. Topping up your battery bank through a solar panel setup also depends largely on the maximum voltage of your charge controller. Most 48V regulators have a maximum open-circuit voltage (VoC) of 150V which allows them to support up to three panels. If you want a faster recharge, opt for a higher voltage charge controller like a 250V one, which allows for up to five solar panels connected in series.

How Long Will a 48V 100Ah Battery Last?

Generally, 100Ah lithium batteries last for 20 hours with a consistent load of 5 amps. However, you won't always draw a consistent 5 amps every time you use your portable battery pack, especially when camping. Sometimes you need to use less or more, depending on what appliance you're trying to run. This is where estimating your power requirements come in, as well as taking into account how long you will be without access to a mains power or any means of charging. This will determine if your battery's current capacity is enough for your camping or road trip.

How To Select the Best 48V Lithium Battery?

So, you're ready to buy your 48V battery. Just before you check that power pack out, make sure you have considered the basic factors you need to check to ensure you get the most out of your 48V battery. First, determine what you're going to use it for. If it's for backup power in case of brief power outages, a normal-sized battery would do. However, if you're going off-grid camping, it's better to choose batteries with a bigger capacity. For those who are using solar panels along with their 48-volt battery, note that the bigger your solar panels, the bigger battery you can get to store more power. Mind your daily consumption as well, especially if you plan to use your battery as the sole source of power.

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The use of 48V batteries is becoming more common recently as more campers and RV owners switch to it for additional power output. If you're one of those who are planning to get one, visit Outbax for available 48V lithium deep-cycle batteries. Our LiFEPO4 range offers you the best quality batteries at a reasonable price plus, we also have other camping gear available if you want a backup or additional power sources such as solar panels, inverter generators, and power stations. Outbax is every outdoor lover's happy place, so if you're looking for something to make your next adventure extra convenient, you're sure to find it here!

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