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24v Lithium Battery

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Buying a new battery? Why not go for something extra powerful, like a 24V lithium battery? While 12V battery packs are great, it wouldn't hurt to try something with more voltage output, especially if you're going to use it as an off-grid battery. Going camping, especially in remote areas means that you need all the power you can get and a 24V lithium battery or LiFEPO4 means that your devices will charge faster, which is always an advantage when you're out and about. 

It's true that 12V batteries are more common in the camping scene, so let's get to know more about 24V batteries. Although not as well known as 12V batteries, they are manufactured the same and are usually used in home settings. You can actually have a 24V battery by connecting two 12V batteries in series, but this would take up more space in your RV or campsite. The good thing about a single 24V battery is that aside from being space-savvy, you can use a smaller diameter wire for this to reduce costs as well. This is because a higher voltage would require less current, so the use of a smaller wire is possible. 

In terms of 24V lithium battery prices, they are relatively more expensive for obvious reasons. Other than that, they work pretty much the same as other battery packs with different voltages and are available in various capacities too. There are 24V 200Ah lithium batteries, 24V 100Ah batteries, and so on, depending on your power needs. 

What Is a Group 24 Lithium Battery?

If you search about 24V batteries, you probably will come across Group 24 Lithium Batteries. These medium-sized batteries are used for general purposes-mostly in uninterrupted power systems (UPS), medical and security systems, wheelchairs, and industrial applications. Group 24 Batteries are not suited for use as a starting battery and are more appropriate as a deep-cycle battery. These batteries have lots of varying sizes, so it's best to be careful when selecting one and make sure they fit in whatever battery compartment you have. 

Can You Charge a 24V Battery With a 12V Charger?

Now we go into the topic of charging a 24V lithium battery. If you have an existing 12V battery charger, keep in mind that you cannot use this to directly charge your 24V battery. You will have to use a boost converter to generate an output voltage greater than 24V. Boost converters mainly step up an input voltage to a higher level as required by a load. How about charging a 24V battery with a 48V battery charger? Still a no. This can cause serious damage to your battery. Aside from using the appropriate lithium battery charger, the recommended way of topping off your LiFEPO4 would be to make sure that the voltage of your battery pack and charger are a match. There are also specific manufacturer’s instructions on recharging batteries so to avoid damage to your battery and danger on your end, it’s best to follow it step-by-step.

How Long Does It Take To Charge a 24V Battery?

A standard 12V battery needs 18 hours for the first charge, with regular charging at 12 hours. Since 24V batteries operate more efficiently, both the initial and regular charges should last for 18 hours. Of course, this is subject to change depending on your battery's discharge level. Also, if you're using solar panels to charge a 24V battery, you might need to wire two panels in series or get a high-voltage single panel to generate enough voltage. Typically, a 24-volt battery with enough power would need around 700W of solar panels with 5.5 peak sun hours so you could either get seven 100W panels for this or two 350W solar panels.

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24V batteries are indeed a good upgrade whether you're using them as a camping battery, lithium RV battery, or even home battery. Once you're ready to buy your power pack, make sure to have a look at Outbax. We have some of the best quality 24V batteries here, such as our newest VoltX 24V 100Ah LiFEPO4 with a Built-in Power Voltage Display. Outbax has an entire range of LiFEPO4 filled with slimline batteries, 12V batteries, and even 48V batteries for every camper out there. We even have other portable power options like solar panels and inverter generators. It's every outdoor lover's haven here!

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