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140Ah AGM Battery

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We've talked about lithium batteries lots of times, now let's tackle all about AGM batteries. These are the most popular batteries in Australia and in terms of capacity, a lot of Aussie campers fo for a 140Ah AGM battery. Perhaps this is the equivalent of a standard 100Ah lithium battery. Lithium batteries hold increased capacity than AGM batteries, so something that goes a little over a hundred amp-hours should be able to supply you with enough power especially if it's a deep cycle battery.

Deep cycle batteries can be safely discharged down to 80% instead of the usual 50%, allowing you to power your camping appliances for an extended period of time. 

What Is the Difference Between a 140Ah AGM Battery and a 140Ah Gel Battery?

AGM batteries and gel batteries are sometimes interchanged because they have a lot of similarities. They are both non-spillable, can be mounted in any way, and have a low self-discharge. Despite these, they have significant differences as well. The structure of an AGM battery is comprised of an electrolyte absorbed into a glass mat, which makes it extremely safe against spillage. A gel battery, meanwhile, is made using a gel paste that helps suspend the electrolyte inside the battery case. 

Performance-wise, AGM has an edge over gel batteries. It works better under higher voltage levels, unlike gel batteries which tend to be overly sensitive. Your 140Ah AGM battery would most likely perform better in hot, sunny weather compared to a 140Ah gel battery. A 140Ah AGM battery is easier to top off too since AGM is known for its ability to charge fast. It also fares well in colder conditions so you can expect your 140Ah AGM battery to give you a good power output in case you happen to camp out during the colder months. Since these two batteries don't differ that much in terms of cost, a lot of campers usually choose AGM over gel for a good efficiency payoff despite a lower price tag. 

What Is the Best 140Ah AGM Battery?

The Giant Power 140Ah 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery is widely considered to be the best AGM in Australia. Backed with thousands of impressive reviews, this sealed battery offers a maintenance-free operation and a low discharge rate of around 3% of capacity monthly. The durability is impressive as well with its corrosion-resistant grids and terminals coupled with high vibration resistance. This is just the battery you need for tough 4x4 terrains, off-grid campings, and 4WD dual battery setups. It has thick, lead-calcium alloy plates designed for 12 years of service life, ideal for avid campers and even as a battery backup for areas prone to power outages. The best thing about this 140Ah AGM battery is its efficiency. It's compatible with solar charging and can even be connected in parallel or series if you need additional power output. The high oxygen recombination also ensures that there won't be any loss of electrolytes to allow for exceptional deep discharge recovery if you ever drain it a little too much.

Is a 140Ah Lithium Battery Better Than a 140Ah AGM Battery?

AGM batteries fare generally well for outdoor applications and can even be pretty impressive at times. However, in terms of overall quality and performance, lithium batteries always had an edge over any other batteries. A 140Ah lithium battery would most likely be better than a 140Ah AGM battery, especially for camping, caravanning, and even boating. The lithium iron phosphate battery or LiFePO4 in particular, is gaining a lot of popularity in the lithium battery market. This portable battery pack mainly stands out with a built-in battery management system (BMS) that optimises every cell in your battery for the smoothest possible performance. It also protects against overcharging, undercharging, overheating, and short circuits. A single LiFePO4 can pack twice the capacity of a lead-acid battery and in lighter form as well, making it even more ideal as a camping battery or caravan battery. The incombustible composition also adds to user safety for first-time battery users. 

What Can a 140Ah AGM Battery Power?

Packing a 140Ah AGM battery to your camping trip will allow you to run basic appliances and gadgets including a 12V fridge, lights, a microwave oven, phones, and laptops. As a general rule, keep in mind that a 100Ah AGM deep cycle battery will provide you with 1 amp for 100 hours and 2 amps for 50 hours. Of course, this is just an estimate only. Your battery's longevity will still largely depend on its state of charge, discharge rate, and amount of load you're planning to run off it. Just like with every type of power pack, the best option would still be to try and calculate your power requirements by listing down the amp-hours of your appliances and comparing it with your battery's capacity. Keep in mind that some electronic devices might need to run simultaneously too since this will require an increased power output from your AGM battery. 

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