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12v Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries

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Deep cycle batteries have established their mark in the battery market for quite some time now. These power packs come in several types but if you're wondering what is the best deep cycle battery, the answer will always be lithium. 12V lithium deep cycle batteries in particular are a popular battery choice across different fields be it camping, home backup, and even industrial. 

A 12V lithium deep cycle battery is the perfect battery size for a weekend of enjoying the outdoors. Going for an off grid camping trip on your RV? Install a 12V dual battery system and pair it with solar panels for unlimited camping options. This setup uses renewable solar energy, so you can camp anywhere without worrying about power shortages.

If you're currently searching for quality 12V lithium deep cycle batteries, make sure to visit Outbax. All our deep cell batteries are LiFePO4-based for the best quality plus, we offer them at affordable prices to accommodate every adventurer. Whether you're after a 100Ah lithium deep cycle battery or a slimline lithium deep cycle battery, we got them for you!

Are 12V Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries Better Than Regular 12V Batteries?

12V lithium deep cycle batteries have several advantages over other regular 12V batteries like deep cycle AGM batteries, for instance. This is mainly due to the improved lithium composition which allows for safer use, longer runtime, and increased power output. 

A 12V lithium deep cycle battery is significantly lighter too-around 1/3 of a conventional battery's weight. In fact, a deep cycle 100Ah lithium battery can weigh as little as 12kgs, compared to around 38kgs of weight on an AGM battery.

This means you get more capacity minus the heavy battery to power, which is why a lot of travellers go for a lithium deep cycle caravan battery. This battery can hold a charge for a long time, making it ideal for running electronics for extended periods of time. Lithium batteries are designed to hold their voltage over the cycle, unlike their lead-acid counterparts where the voltage drops almost immediately. 

A weekend of tent camping would usually need 100 amp hours of battery capacity while travelling on your RV would most likely be better off with a 200Ah lithium deep cycle battery for increased output, especially in remote locations.

Another plus is that 12V lithium deep cycle batteries charge faster since they do not require multi-stage charging, which helps you save time when prepping for the outdoors. While they can be expensive, you still win in the long run since their lifespan is triple that of other battery packs. Going for lead-acid batteries may require 3-4 replacements-something that won't be a problem since a single 12V lithium deep cycle battery can last for 7 to 10 years.  

LiFePO4 batteries or lithium iron phosphate batteries are considered the best type of 12V lithium deep cycle batteries at present. These power packs are made of prismatic cells and have a built-in battery management system (BMS) for cell optimisation and overall battery protection, plus, it boasts a safer composition too. Unlike lithium-ion batteries, these don’t explode, perfect for first-time battery users.

Where Can You Use 12V Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries?

There are various applications for 12V lithium deep cycle batteries, but they're mostly perfect for setups requiring continuous stream power. For instance, deep cycle battery solar is gaining more attention in terms of both residential and outdoor use. Nothing beats solar battery storage equipped with deep cycling capacities especially in favourable weather because it allows you to maximise the available solar power. 

These power packs are also perfect for off-grid settings, like as an auxiliary lithium RV battery or as part of a 4WD dual battery system. Deep cycle batteries are also famous as boat batteries, specifically the 12V size. This is another area where you'll win if you opt for a 12V lithium deep cycle battery. Boats usually have weight limits, and going for a lithium-based power pack ensures you get enough power without weighing yours down. 

Need a battery backup? Go for these and you'll never have to worry about power outages again. Size your battery properly and have it on standby during inclement weather to keep your essential appliances powered up. You can even use a 12V lithium deep cycle battery as backup for small businesses too. 

How Long Do 12V Deep Cycle Batteries Last?

A 12V lithium deep cycle battery such as a LiFePO4 battery can last up to a decade or over 3,000 cycles. As mentioned earlier, this is almost triple the service life of traditional power packs. However, even the best kind of battery declines without proper maintenance, especially since there are a lot of factors that affect the overall quality of your power pack. 

In the case of a deep cell battery, the amount of power you are using plays a role in its life expectancy. As much as possible, try not to drain your battery completely and recharge it right away after use. These batteries may have a higher depth of discharge (DoD), but this doesn't mean it's okay for you to discharge it down to the last power juice. 

Also, avoid overcharging your battery. Use a trickle charger instead, which is the correct way of recharging any deep cycle battery. The temperature of the environment you're using it in matters as well.

Do not expose it to extreme heat and keep it away from any sources of heat even during storage. During the off-season, make it a habit to still practice regular maintenance and inspection for any signs of corrosion or sulfation.

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