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Lithium Deep Cycle Battery Reviews

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Seasoned campers and experienced battery users are well-aware of deep cycle batteries, particularly lithium-based ones. Lithium deep cycle battery reviews are pretty impressive online and are lauded for being versatile in terms of application. These power packs are like a fusion of the best battery compositions-lithium for better overall efficiency and deep cycle for extended battery life.

The lithium iron phosphate batteries or LiFePO4 batteries so far have the best lithium deep cycle battery reviews. Sometimes referred to as LFP batteries, these are known for their safe, non-toxic composition that does not explode or catch fire. They also stand out in performance with a built-in battery management system (BMS), which provides automatic cell optimisation and protection against usual battery issues. 

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Are Lithium Deep Cycle Battery Reviews Better Than AGM Deep Cycle Batteries?

AGM deep cycle batteries have their own special benefits but don't really come close to lithium's overall quality. This is why lithium deep cycle battery reviews are often better especially when it comes to outdoor applications. 

Let's start with its physical attributes such as weight. Lithium is about 1/3 the total weight of an AGM battery, so a deep cycle 100Ah lithium battery would be a lot lighter compared to its AGM counterpart of the same capacity. Packing a single deep cycle lithium battery allows you to fit another power pack in your boat or caravan and it also allows you to accommodate more passengers because of the extra space. 

Perhaps the main focus of most lithium deep cycle battery reviews lies in their greater useable capacity. These power packs are designed to be safely discharged down by up to 80%, unlike lead-acid batteries which usually only allow up to 50% of discharge rate. If you pack a lithium 200Ah deep cycle battery, this would give you a longer runtime compared to 200 amp hours of AGM battery, so it's more recommended for off-grid camping trips and even boating adventures. 

Lithium also boasts a fast-charging feature with no need for multiple charging stages such as bulk, absorb, and float. It has a less internal resistance, allowing it to accept a greater charge rate to help you save time instead of waiting for almost an entire day to have your battery pack fully recharged. This is especially useful if you're pairing your battery with RV solar panels

Lifespan is another area of advantage for lithium deep cycle batteries. They boast an average of 8-10 years of service life-around thrice the life of lead-acid batteries! This means you get to save money as well since you won't have to replace your battery that much as long as you maintain it regularly and follow the proper usage instructions as stated by the manufacturer. 

Which Applications Do Most Lithium Deep Cycle Battery Reviews Come From?

Lithium deep cycle batteries are highly versatile. A huge chunk of its positive reviews can be attributed to the outdoors as they make impressive camping and RV batteries. Whether you have only a couple of appliances to run or got a few extra electronics, these will ensure you have enough battery power to be able to use them throughout the entire outing. 

A lot of 4WD owners also claim that deep cycle batteries are perfect for a 4x4 dual battery setup. Going for a 12V lithium deep cycle battery is usually preferred as a secondary source of power for 4x4 vehicles due to their increased output and lightweight form.

It's not even confined to land adventures alone. Lithium deep cycle battery reviews in marine applications are pretty stellar too. In fact, more and more boaters are switching to these batteries for the same benefits mentioned earlier. Additionally, lithium marine batteries have always been known for superior performance, especially if they're deep cycle too.

Other uses of lithium deep cycle batteries touch on our everyday electronic essentials as well. These include solar power applications, electric vehicles, and even our mobile phones. Experiencing a power outage? These are great for backup power too!

Deep cycle lithium batteries are considered to be high-rate power packs, which means they can serve as the workhorse you need to deliver consistent power in emergency situations.

What Are Some Lithium Deep Cycle Battery Reviews On Price?

Deep cycle lithium batteries are not cheap and you'll have an idea of this based on the reviews alone. However, it's definitely more cost-effective to invest in them instead of going for conventional batteries due to the total benefits you'll be able to enjoy for years.

They're less prone to damage especially if they're LiFePO4 batteries and with an extended service life that lasts up to a decade, you can save yourself from having to constantly buy new, less effective battery packs that will eventually balloon up to the cost of one lithium deep cycle battery anyway. 

You can actually get this from certain battery shops and camping equipment stores at an affordable price. Just make sure you do proper research on your chosen provider to avoid purchasing an inferior battery which can lead to more expenses. Here at Outbax, we have a full range of fully tested LiFePO4 batteries to choose from that retail for a cheaper price range to accommodate outdoor lovers on a budget. 

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