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Lithium Battery 4WD

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If you need additional power in your vehicle, then adding a specific lithium battery 4WD could be the best option. One of the best advantages of adding a second battery to your 4WD is that you get about four times the power that you might get from a standard lead-acid battery, but it'll take up the same amount of space. These batteries are also very adaptable to being recharged by solar panels, and they are very fast to charge; most models can take 2-4 hours to reach a full charge depending on what solar panels you 're using.

For those of us that like a few additional extras when camping, having the power that a lithium battery 4WD can provide is going to be excellent. It can run most coffee machines, your laptop, and even recharge your phones. While it 's best to calculate exactly what your power requirements will be, you can be satisfied that these batteries are safe to recharge in your car or campsite and will not leak or release excessive heat. They have been tested to make sure they're suitable for Australian conditions and can handle ambient temperatures of up to 45oC before it affects the performance of the battery.

Lithium batteries have been around for some time, but with all new technology it can take a while before the prices stabilize and it is worth the costs involved. The largest hurdle to having these excellent batteries as a part of your camping power solution is the cost. However, the Lifepo4 battery is incredibly superior to any standard lead-acid battery and when you consider the safety aspects and the available power. One of the advantages of a lithium battery is its weight. For example, a 100Ah lithium battery 4WD is under 10kg in weight, which is around a third to fifty per cent less than a standard lead-acid battery of the same capacity. While weight may not be much of a factor when you 're driving from place to place, the amount of room that these will take up compared to other battery options is key for a small space such as the back of a standard 4WD vehicle. There are solar panels that can be attached to the roof of your vehicle, and that means you can charge up your batteries as you 're driving. As these will never leak, you 'll also have no concerns about causing a safety hazard in the back of your vehicle. They are also light enough that if you need to carry them to a camping site, you won 't get exhausted doing so, after all, camping should be about relaxing and not heavy lifting!

The best ways to get the lithium battery 4WD of your choice is through an online marketplace. At Outbax we have several models that are more than capable of adding to your vehicle and providing solid and reliable power for all your systems. Some vehicles can change over to a lithium battery as their main power source in the engine, and others may need a change to the charging systems. Before deciding to make the change in your engine, it is advisable to check with your manufacturers. If you 're adding the battery to charge other components then a lithium battery 4WD can do that for you with little problems.

Shopping online gives you the convenience of looking through everything Outbax has to offer at a time and place that is ideal for you. All you need is a suitable internet connection and you can be buying everything you need for your next camping or road trip. Once you install the lithium battery you can add some suitable camping solar panels, or add in a solar blanket to make your charging systems completely portable and reduce the space they 'll take up. If you need to charge up your batteries, and the weather is not being cooperative, you can use one of our portable generators to provide suitable power. When it comes to providing power to your campsite, you have several different set ups available, and choosing the best one for you relies on what you need to run, and how much power they need access to. If you need assistance in getting what you need, you can contact the team at Outbax during business hours (Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm) and we 'll offer you some advice.

After you decide on the lithium battery 4WD that is going to be best for you, you can put in an order and we 'll get busy packing it up. For most homes in Australia it 'll be delivered to your address in 3-7 days. While we pack everything up with care, we cannot vouch for the couriers treating it with the same level of care, and we highly recommend that you take out the insurance option. This will protect you from any potential damages caused during transportation. If your parcels arrive in a damaged state, please get in contact with our team members so they can start the insurance process for you.

At Outbax we have everything you need to supply power during your stay off the grid. We also sell many other items that are suitable for relaxing around the campsite, or at your home. These are all highly portable and can make your life easier as you enjoy the outdoors, you 'll find UGG boots, above ground pools, inflatable spas and many other items. If you're looking for a quality battery to use in your vehicle we 'd highly recommend the 100Ah lithium battery, as it is reliable and can deliver the right amount of power for your needs, they are also able to be used in a series so if you need double the power then you can connect two (or more) of these.

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