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The increasing demand for generators has been evident at present due to the added security it brings whether for outdoor trips, households, or even stores and shops. There are now various models and types to choose from, unlike the standard bulky ones before that produces a roaring sound once you run it. Among the most popular kinds of generators are inverter generators, as it's designed with enhanced efficiency, lower emissions, and reduced noise. Inverter generators house features that were long proposed to improve the units without adding more weight to them for better portability and less complex installation. 

What Size Generator Do I Need For My Shop?

First, determine your budget and the size of your shop. Generators can be classified into three according to size: There are small generators (2kW-7kW), medium generators (8kW-20kW), and large generators (20kW-40). Next, what kind of business do you run-is it something loaded with running appliances like a laundry or printing shop? Or is it more on displays and does not need that much electronic equipment? This is important because you will be calculating the estimated power output you need in a day based on the wattage of the appliances you want to run in case of a power outage. It's basically the same thing when determining what size generator do you need for your home as well.

Calculating how big of a generator you need is pretty simple. You just need to add the running watts and starting watts of every appliance that you want to power. Note that starting watts are always higher than their running wattage since this is the initial power needed to start your equipment. For example, if your fridge has a 350W running wattage and 1,050W starting wattage, the total power output you need for this would be 1,400W. Another thing, you also need to consider which appliances you need to use simultaneously.

Usually, small shops would include basic appliances like a computer, printer, security cameras, and television which all run on electricity. The best generators for these kinds of stores are either portable generators with 3kW to 8kW of power output or 5kW to 15kW standby generators that can be installed outside the building. If you have more appliances that need a larger capacity, you might want to opt for medium to large-sized generators instead. 

How Much Does an Inverter Generator Cost?

The average price of inverter generators ranges from $500 to $4000 depending on the size, features, and included items or services. Usually, a 3.5kVa generator is considered perfect for a couple of days off-grid or for caravanning but a 2000W generator can also be enough to power your appliances especially if you're not going to use them the entire day. 

You also need to consider the features you want as these may affect the price of your generator. For instance, if you want a quiet generator, it may cost a bit more than generators with no noise-reduction feature. Battery generators, auto start generators, and petrol generators may be priced differently too. Those who will go for generators that can power an entire store or house are going to have the most expensive total cost. Large generators are priced between $1,000-$10,000, plus installation and material fees.

Are Inverter Generators Any Good?

Inverter generators are gaining popularity for a reason. Besides their portability, these types of generators are built with safety and convenience features such as overload protection and oil level alert. They are also equipped with more innovative engines that keep up with the required speed according to the needed power requirement.

Particularly, the Gentrax line of inverter generators are extremely reliable and make a great option for camping or home and shop backup power. Designed with Pure Sine Wave, these generators produce smooth waves for lesser interruptions and run discreetly at 58dB. They're priced reasonably too, so if you're looking for a great inverter generator that will not break the bank, this is your best option. 

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Outbax has a wide variety of inverter generators for sale that you can choose from, as well as other power sources like solar panels and lithium batteries. We also have a generator buying guide to further help you determine the right generator for your power needs. Easily purchase your generator online and have it delivered right to your doorstep-no need to search for generators near you! We have a team of experts to help you choose and assist you even after your purchase, so whether you're looking for generators in Mackay or generators in Brisbane, Outbax has you covered. 

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