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Electricity is an important thing in our life. Especially in the case of an emergency, it is the need of the hour. You would probably think of a conventional generator that is more often used to produce electricity which demands fuel. But nowadays, the inverter generator is gaining popularity as the best portable solution to electricity demands.

The Mechanism behind an inverter generator.

Portable camping generators like Gentrax come handy in a variety of situations. They can be used as a backup power supply for your home business during prolonged power outages. And you can get one right here at Outbax.

Getting a reliable camping generator is also a must for every RV owner dreaming of boondocking in the great American outdoors and enjoying the comforts provided by a steady stream of electricity. Unfortunately, most conventional portable generators suffer from several drawbacks. They are loud, heavy and not suitable for charging portable electronics.

Fortunately, there is good news. Modern inverter generators do not have those limitations and offer much better alternatives for most homeowners all as well as RV and camping enthusiasts.

1. Inverter Generators Are Quieter
If there is any sound everyone universally hates ⁠- it 's got to be the generator engine running continuously for hours. A lot of open frame “contractor style” portable generators operate well above the 65 dB threshold. This alone renders them unusable for typical recreational use.

Inverter generators, on the other hand, are much quieter. According to GeneratorAdvisor.com, the best inverter generators produce only around 50 ⁠- 60 dB of noise (depending on the load). The quietest 2000-watt models like the super popular Honda EU2200i make only 49 dB at quarter load. That is quieter than a typical conversation between two adults!

Larger inverters in the 3000 ⁠- 4000 wattage range are obviously bound to be slightly louder. However, good units still work underneath the reasonable threshold of 65 dB. This makes them good choices for RV campsites and boondocking.

2. Inverters Are Safe to Use with Sensitive Electronics
Inverter generators are praised for producing “clean” electricity. This is measured by a metric called Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). Electricity above the 6% THD threshold can be potentially harmful to sensitive electronics such as laptops, home theater systems or mobile phones.

A lot of older portable generators produce more than 10% THD which renders them unsuitable to use along with the aforementioned electronic equipment.

Inverter generators, on the other hand, have THD less than 5%. This applies both to small inverter generators as well as the larger open frame inverters. That is why they are the only recommended solutions for those who need portable generators to run their expensive electronic equipment.

3. Inverters Are Smaller & Lighter
If you compare a typical open-frame 3000-watt generator to its inverter counterpart, you will quickly notice that the latter is smaller and easier to move around. That makes these machines ideal companions for extensive outdoor use or camping trips.

You can easily lift and carry a small 2000-watt generator with one hand. Even larger inverters are generally much less cumbersome to transport than the conventional units.

Any Potential Downsides?

If there is anything to dislike about inverter generators it is probably their higher price tag. The units with higher wattage tend to cost much more than typical portable generators.

However, following the recent technological advancements, prices of inverter generators are constantly decreasing. Nowadays you can get a decent 2000-watt inverter for your small business for as low as $500.

Final Word
Inverter generators offer numerous benefits making them indispensable tools for various circumstances. If you need a quiet generator for RV or a reasonable backup power supply producing clean electricity for your sensitive home electronic equipment ⁠- you should definitely consider getting a quality inverter generator.

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