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Unlike car batteries, marine batteries have other functions more than just cranking up the engine. This is why it is often dubbed as a combination of a cranking and house battery. Boat batteries provide ample power to kick start your engine while supplying energy for appliances you have with you as well such as lights, sound systems, and portable cookware. Structure-wise, marine batteries also have thicker plates compared to conventional batteries. This helps the boat withstand constant shocks and vibrations caused by waves, especially in rough water conditions. 

Here at Outbax, we house some of the best marine batteries in Australia at an affordable price too. Check out our range of lithium batteries including LiFEPO4 which would all make great boat batteries, RV batteries, and camping batteries.

What Size Battery Do I Need For My Boat?

The concept of "one size fits all" does not apply to boat batteries, especially because there are several boat types of different sizes and features-there are kayaks, bass boats, sailboats, and more. This is why sizing up your boat battery accurately is important. The right battery size won't damage your equipment, plus you get the most out of your unit every time you use it.

Perhaps the number one question on your mind would be “What size battery do I need for my boat?” But before you decide on this, consider the factors that might affect the size of the marine battery you will be needing for your boat. First, do you have a specific kind of battery in mind like a lead-acid battery, AGM battery, or lithium battery? Next, does the boat manufacturer have a specific recommendation and how many batteries do you think you'll need? After you have figured these out, you can start calculating how much amperage you will need. 

What Marine Battery Lasts the Longest?

When it comes to longevity, the best marine batteries you can go for would be deep-cycle batteries. In terms of type, pick a LiFEPO4 lithium battery. Deep cycle batteries are known to last up to 2,000 cycles while a LiFEPO4 can last for up to 10 years with proper usage, making them the best pair for marine applications. 

Despite this, the lifespan of your battery still falls largely on your hands. This means proper selection as well as maintenance. For example, if you're going to be using deep-cycle batteries, make sure the applications are for deep-cycle as well like trolling motors or house batteries. Using one more battery? Remember that all batteries connected whether in series or parallel should be the same in age, size, and type. Additionally, if one of these battery banks go bad, you need to replace all batteries it's connected to. One of the secrets to maximising your battery's performance and lifespan is proper voltage maintenance. Do not let your battery discharge below 12.4 volts to prevent sulfation which diminishes both its life and capacity. Optimal storage is also the key, so avoid keeping your batteries exposed in extreme temperatures and place them in dry locations with moderate temperatures instead.

How Do I Choose a Marine Battery?

So, you're thinking about buying a marine battery? Well, before you look at marine battery prices online, think of the application first as your battery will be classified into two in this area: cranking batteries and deep-cycle batteries. They are sometimes mistaken to be interchangeable but have very different functions. Cranking batteries are made up of thin internal plates designed to produce large amounts of amps over a short period of time to be able to kickstart the engine to life. Of course, while your boat is running, you would also want to run the electronic equipment you brought with you. This is where deep-cycle batteries are applicable as they are suited to provide more consistent amounts of energy for a longer period of time. 

Next comes size. You would often hear terms like group 37, 21, 4D, 8D and more in this so it's good to know that this pertains to your battery bank's physical size and not its actual capacity. Capacity is usually measured by amperes. For instance, a battery rated as 100 amp hours can deliver either 5 amps for 20 hours or 100 amps for an hour. This will be dependent on what appliances you will run, so make sure to come up with an accurate estimate.

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Whether you're going camping, caravanning, or boating, Outbax has a battery that's just right for you. We have a whole range of LiFEPO4 which will make great camping batteries, RV lithium batteries, or boat batteries. Want an extra source of power for your water ride? We have marine generators and solar panels available as well. We aim to give every outdoor lover the best quality outdoor gear at a cheater price, so make sure you visit our site if you're planning to organise a camp out anytime soon.

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