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Marine Battery Perth

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Marine batteries in Perth are a must-have for outdoor lovers given the city's rich bodies of water. This is the perfect place to go for a quick riverboat ride or sail through beaches on a warm, sunny day. Of course, to fully enjoy any boating adventure, you need a reliable marine battery or boat battery to support it-no one wants to be stuck with a flat battery in the middle of their boat ride! Since the area is perfect for a lot of outdoor activities, it's super easy to find batteries in Perth, even marine power packs.

They have a Battery World outlet in Perth plus online options such as Outbax where you can source not only batteries but other boating essentials as well, like marine generators

For those who are new to boating, marine batteries differ from regular car batteries both in structure and application. While car batteries are built with thinner plates suited for smooth roads, marine batteries have thicker plates designed to withstand the constant pounding from waves. They can be considered heavy-duty batteries with this kind of construction too, and due to their ability to serve both as a starting and house battery.

Is a Marine Battery a Deep-Cycle Battery?

Boats usually have a dual battery system because one battery pack is not enough to start the engine and power the appliances on board at the same time. The first one would be a starting or cranking battery while the other one is a "house battery," which ideally should be a deep-cycle battery. Deep-cycle batteries are designed for extended periods of use such as running equipment, unlike cranking batteries that supply short, concentrated bursts of power to help kickstart engines. A marine battery can be either of the two or a dual-purpose battery, which is able to perform both. This is very handy to have especially if you have limited space in your boat since it allows you to start the engine and power your electronic devices all with a single battery.

Are Lithium Batteries Good For Marine?

Lithium batteries work great for marine applications. In fact, more boaters are switching to lithium marine batteries due to their advantages over lead-acid batteries. They're significantly lighter and more compact, ideal especially for narrow boats with limited space. Also, a lot of boats have weight limits so opting for a lightweight battery definitely has its perks. Despite being smaller, lithium batteries are known for their increased number of charge/discharge cycles. They last for around 3,000 to 5,000 cycles and require minimal maintenance, especially if you're using a LiFePO4 with a battery management system (BMS). A lithium battery also has twice the power storage of a lead-acid battery and can be discharged up to 80%. 

Safety won't be an issue with lithium batteries as well, particularly with a LiFePO4. These batteries have an incombustible form so there's no risk of battery explosion and your power pack is not prone to catching fire too. They also have built-in protection against overcharging, overheating, undercharging, and short circuits. On top of these, lithium batteries are sealed, meaning they won't be easily damaged by moisture or even splashes of water. If you're thinking of switching to lithium for your marine battery, the process is pretty much straightforward. You might need a few add-ons though, like a lithium battery charger, battery monitor or an inverter if you have 240V appliances on your boat. The complex part would be in the electrical systems so if you don't have any background in setting up a boat battery, it's best to ask for help from a professional instead of doing it on your own.

How Much Does a Lithium Marine Battery Cost?

Lithium marine batteries are slightly more expensive than the usual camping battery packs or caravan batteries. They usually start at $1,000 for a 100Ah capacity and while this can be overwhelming, it's actually good value for your money in the long run. Why? Lithium batteries win when it comes to efficiency so you are less likely to need another battery pack or find yourself dealing with a battery failure. If you go boating often, this will also be a cost-effective choice because of the longer lifespan, meaning you won't have to buy a new battery every few years.

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Marine batteries in Australia are actually popular since a lot of Aussies love boating. Usually, boaters go for 12V marine batteries, while some stick to having two separate batteries for starting their engine and running electronic essentials. If you're after a good lithium portable battery for your boat or a deep-cycle battery, check out our LiFePO4 range at Outbax. We even have slimline lithium batteries for those conscious about space. The best part? We offer our power packs at a competitive price without compromising on quality! Everything is done online as well so whenever you're in need of batteries in Western Australia or even outside the area like batteries in Sunshine Coast, you can still have a reliable LiFePO4 delivered to you! Choose your power pack now. While you're at it, you might want to have a look at our solar panels and inverter generators too!

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